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Summer weddings call for the most dapper suits, and this is the time when the cool dudes can impress in their classiest best. This is the season to bring out those suave formal suits from the wardrobe and flaunt them in style at your best friend’s bachelor party or your cousin’s reception! And if you are bored of wearing the same suits over and over again, then here are some cool men accessories that can give a facelift to your suits and make you wedding-ready in style!

Boys in bow-ties

Dapper men out there, who want to make a statement in something cool, will be happy to hear that the bow tie is back in vogue. It’s one of the classiest yet fun men’s accessories and definitely gives out vibes regarding your personality, style and aesthetics. You can dress them up or down, the thumb rule being, the milder the shirt, the bolder the tie and vice versa. For your friend’s wedding, you can definitely choose a silk bow-tie that will look oh-so-classy with your silk-blend suit. You can even go for stripes or polkas or checks for a cocktail party and all eyes will be on your suave suit look! A timeless tuxedo with a black silk bow-tie can never go wrong, so that’s always a fool-proof look for any big fat Indian wedding! And if you want to avoid the hassle of actually tying one, then pin-up bow-ties will easily come to the rescue this season!


Pic courtesy: Louis Philippe

Trendy Ties For The Win

Be it a pre-wedding dinner or a reception party, you always want to look your best and so, just that dashing, well-structured suit isn’t enough to make the cut. To complement it well, you need the proper accessories and a smart tie is a great way of sprucing up any suit! Ties aren’t necessarily restricted to the office and you can rock a stylish one at any occasion. If you are wearing a checked or striped suit, you can definitely go the print-mix way by donning a polka dotted or geometric patterned tie. You can break the monotony of a black or grey suit by pairing a red silk tie with it. Experiment with the width of the tie and try out sporting a sleek knitted tie with a semi-formal suit for your cousin’s Sangeet party to turn heads in style!

Cool Cufflinks To The Rescue

Cufflinks are a necessary part of a man’s formal attire and for the modern man; it pays to stay on trend. This season, know how to wear them and spruce up your accessory game. Shirts with French cuffs are one of the classiest options to pair with suits, so cufflinks can be an effortless addition to your dapper outfit. In case of pairing with a black tie or a tuxedo, opt for a more formal type of cufflinks such as sterling silver ones with a hint of detail. In case of a white tie event, the formality is heightened and the only appropriate option is to go for pearl or crystal cufflinks. If you are wearing a colored shirt, it’s best to choose a cufflink of the same color palette but from the opposite end of the spectrum, such as a darker blue chain link cufflink with a light blue shirt, for most impact!


Pic courtesy: Louis Philippe

Play It Classy With Pocket Squares

This is one of the accessories that are surely having a sartorial renaissance and this humble yet mighty fashion accessory is capable of adding serious panache to your suit without too much of effort. This isn’t just a fiddly bit of fabric but a posh piece of cloth that can take your suit look from drab to fab in seconds. For starters, solid colors are the safest options as whites and blues look good with any suit. You can even go for muted shades such as greys or browns, or bolder printed ones such as gingham or paisleys. Perfect for weddings or cocktail parties, don your silk or linen suit and pair it with a luxurious silk pocket square folding it in an expert way (take the help of YouTube!). Pairing a white silk pocket square with black tie attire for your friend’s reception will propel your look from boring business to effortless elegance in minutes!

Watches That Wow

How can we forget the accessory that not only ups your style quotient but helps you keep a check on the time as well? Picking a watch that goes perfectly with your suit is trickier than it sounds. The most popular colors for suits, navys and blacks, require watches with similar color tones such as a navy or a black leather band with a big chronograph dial. A silver watch with a clasp strap and white face is perfect to be paired with a white shirt and black jacket look. If you are sporting an earl grey suit for your sibling’s wedding ceremony, keep it subdued with a crème or an off-white watch face and a tan or a light brown strap. For a bolder look, pair an all-black watch with a charcoal suit at your BFF’s bachelorette and make a statement like no-one else!

So, these five accessories are what a modern man simply can’t do without if he has a lot of weddings to attend this season. These styles, if done right, can elevate the looks of any suave suit to another level. So, pull these off, accessorize well and turn heads in the smartest and most classic suit outfits this wedding season!

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