Long hair or short, just like shoes, the right hairstyle adds that much needed edge to your diva status. And if you’re all about that hair, you’re going to want to have a bunch of styles to switch it up with.

Here are five some uber chic and trending hairstyles to keep with the times:

The Deepika Mess

The right kind of messy hair makes for a casual (yet red carpet ready) look. It’s perfect for any occasion- whether you’re all set for a day at work or dressed to be the show-stopper at a party, if you can master the Deepika Mess, you’re definitely on the right side of fashion street!

The Classic Bouffant with a Twist

The bouffant is classy, beautiful, powerful, and it never runs out of style! While Nargis Fakhri owns the bouffant in Bollywood, Mollie King does a pretty good job holding one up on the other side of the globe , but really, nothing looks more glamorous and enigmatic than Lana Del with her beautiful beehive bouffant.

If you’re not afraid to make a few heads turn and maybe even stare, you’ve got to try this out.

The Kardashian Crop

This year’s Fashion Week in Paris saw a lot of haute couture, but Kim Kardashian’s platinum cropped haircut took ‘femme fatale’ to a whole new level. It was sharp, bold, edgy and totally gorgeous. For a Posh Spice meets ultimate in style look, the Kardashian Crop is a total ‘gotta have’ this year.

The Sumo Knot

If you think the messy knot is so 3 years ago, then you’re totally right. Say bye-bye messy bun, and Kon’nichiwa to the Sumo Knot! (See what we did there?)The Sumo Knot is a perfect mix of sexy meets- right out of a video game hawt! Get an off shoulder outfit to go with it like Rita Ora here, in her unforgettable Sumo Knot inspired by Fashion Week SS15.

The Purposeful Ponytail  Some occasions call for a ponytail and nothing like a high pony to keep it lively. This no-comb, extra volume ponytail goes great with a summer dress or even a rockstar-look like Gigi Hadid here, rocking the simple high ponytail, leather jacket and all!

Leave us a comment and let us know what’s your fave hairstyle.


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