With summer on the charts and the sun in its strongest mode, what’s better than enjoying a super delicious, healthy and home-made popsicle to cool you off? During the summers, it’s quite often that we find our freezers running out of ice cream and the thought of even going out in the heat to purchase some more leaves us in a hot mess. Well, no need to worry anymore as we have brought together five amazingly easy popsicle recipes that you can make and enjoy all at home without even breaking into a sweat!

Pina Colada popsicles

Pina Colada Ice Pops

These are the perfect tropical flavoured ice pops and they are super easy to make. Just blend together pineapple chunks, bananas and coconut milk in your blender till it forms a smooth off white liquid. Add sugar to taste and pour it into your popsicle moulds and stash them into the freezer for a good half an hour.  Take them out and enjoy the cool, sweet flavour on a hot sunny day!

Nutella popsicles

Nutellacious Popsicles

Who doesn’t love Nutella? Anyone? No one? We thought as much! This summer you can put that Nutella to a new use and make popsicles with it! All you have to do to create this heavenly dessert is to mix together Nutella and whipped cream into a soft chocolaty paste. Pour off the mixture into your effective popsicle moulds and set it in the freezer only to be greeted by something super delicious just minutes away! You can even top them off with some crushed buts for added crunch!

Cookies & Cream popsicles

Cookies n Cream Popsicles

It’s one of those classic flavour combinations that you can never get bored of. Who doesn’t like cookies, right? And when your favourite cookies come in the form of popsicles, then it’s even better! Just blend Oreo cookies or any chocolate cookies for that matter into a semi-fine powder leaving behind some chunks that add to the flavour. Mix the crumbs with vanilla ice cream and you have your very own cookies n cream batter. Pour it into the mould and off they go into the freezer for you to gorge on later!

Kiwi popsicles

Kiwi Blast Ice Pops

This is a super easy 3-ingredient popsicle recipe that’s as good to look at as it is to eat. All you have to do is blend together cut slices of fresh kiwi with grape or pineapple juice. Add sugar to taste and blend until smooth. Pour it into the moulds and then into the freezer. You can also add a few slices of kiwi in the mould itself to make the ice pops look even prettier!

Berries & Yoghurt popsicles

Berries n Yogurt Popsicles

The best part of this healthy recipe is that you can add any berry that you like. Whether its strawberry, blackberry, blueberry or raspberry, it’s going to taste nothing less than awesome! Just blend together the berries, yogurt, milk and sugar until smooth and pour it into the moulds. Freeze them and voila! They are ready to be enjoyed. And if you want to go that extra mile and if you can wait a bit longer then pour vanilla yogurt halfway through the mould and put it in the freezer. After it’s frozen, add the berry blended mixture and after some time you will have a half and half berry ice popsicle ready to be devoured on a hot summer afternoon.

With these popsicle recipes at hand, we are sure the summer months will be less torturous and your bodies will be kept fully hydrated and cooled off. So what are you waiting for? Make these super easy yet totally lip smacking ice pops and the world will seem like a better place. Also, don’t be scared of experimenting and see what new flavours you can come up with!






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