Christmas is knocking on your doors and the air is rife with yuletide spirit. It’s the season to give, spread joy, do good and have fun! Your Christmas plans might include lunch with friends, dinner date with the special someone, a day out at some nearby resort or even some good old shopping and movie plans; but why not do something off the beaten path this year? Here are a few ideas on how to spend your Christmas with family & friends and make it memorable for years to come!




Christmas Eve pyjama party

Ring in Christmas with your pals by having a sleepover at a friend’s place on Christmas Eve! Plan a Christmas-themed pyjama party and dress up in reds and greens. Say ho ho ho as you munch of gingerbread cookies and Christmas candies at midnight and play Santa to each other by exchanging gifts. Help your friend do up the rooms with wreaths, banners and holly sprigs so that you guys can totally enjoy the spirit of the season.

Fun time with kids

This Christmas, bring back your childhood by giving some underprivileged kids a good time. Take some kids from a local orphanage or a local slum out for the day and let them have some unadulterated fun. Take them on a visit to the zoo or treat them to a sumptuous lunch; buy them little somethings like balloons or candies or take them around town on a joy ride. The beaming smiles on their faces at the end of the day will be the perfect Christmas gift for you.




Bake up a storm

Christmas is all about cookies and cakes. So, hone your baking skills and wield the whip for a fun baking season. Round up a group of friends and all of you can bake up batches of different kinds of cookies and cupcakes. Once done, make goodie bags with all the different types of confections and distribute them among the inmates of a nearby old-age home to spread some joy and cheer!

Have a movie marathon

Christmas day means all malls, restaurants, theatres and places would be choc-a-bloc with throngs of merry-makers. So why not have a day in with family and friends and run a movie marathon on your flat screen instead? Choose a series of classic movies in genres that everyone involved likes and watch them back to back. Big tubs of homemade popcorn and large glasses of cola are the perfect accompaniments for your home box office.




Make your locality greener

You might be racking your brains for the perfect Christmas gifts for your family and friends, but have you ever thought of giving something to Mother Earth? Make this Christmas a happy one for the environment by making your city greener, one plant at a time. Get together your neighbours and friends, and plant trees in your locality on Christmas day as the perfect gift to your planet and to yourselves. Have fun while you bond with your neighbours and have something to feel good about at the end of the day.

Make this Christmas different by indulging in activities that will spread joy and cheer among others. Plan something enjoyable and have an amazing day with your friends and family!
How do you plan to spend Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!




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this awosome idea to pick one nd all and enjoy christmas day and make memorable day