Ever since we have set foot into adulthood, New Year’s Eve has, by default, meant partying and dancing the night away with friends (or in rare cases, chilling at home with family). But this 31st, why not do something totally different and off beat which will also bring a smile on your face whenever you think of it in the years to come? This New Year’s Eve, discover a world totally beyond the partying nightclubs and rounds of tequila shots, as we take you on a tour of completely feel-good alternatives to end the year with!



Old is gold  

If you remember the memories you have with your good old’ Grandpa and sweet-as-honey Grandma, you already know that old people are the sweetest beings on earth. This New Year’s Eve, spread some love and laughter among these pure souls by visiting any Old Age Home near you and end the year with some feel-good emotions. Maybe, arrange for some fireworks to go off at midnight, so that you can ring the New Year in with these golden oldies. They will share all the experiences, stories, love and care with you, making you feel like the lucky grandchild of numerous grandparents. Give them your quality time and get tons of blessings in return, as you see the smiles in those wrinkled but sparkling eyes!



Solo stargazing

What better way to bid the past year goodbye and welcome the new year than going on a solo camping trip, setting up your tent on a picturesque place amongst nature, and spend the night gazing up at the sky watching the tiny sparkling stars? You can even get a chance to witness a shooting star AND make a wish!! Just like a Karan Johar Movie! (Hint: Camp Sunshine) Can there be a more perfect way to start the New Year? So, ditch the city’s hustle bustle and find yourself a quiet place, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and with a steaming cup of coffee or hot cocoa in hand, spend the last night of the year watching the stars – distant but beautiful.



Grand gaming night

This is for all you gaming nerds out there! Ditch the party scenes this 31st and have your kind of party at your place – calling in all your friends and family for a fun and enjoyable gaming night. Hosting a gaming night isn’t that tough a job if you like hosting a party as much as playing games. Just stock up on all kinds of games available on your play station or computer, and get the players ready. Have snacks and finger food available in sufficient quantities and with plenty of space cleared in your living a.k.a. gaming room, it’s going to be an evening spent well for sure! Also, you can keep some prize in store for the winner of the gaming tournament as a perfect cherry on top of the cake!



Barbeque bash

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with an open-air barbeque party is sure to make your year end with a bang! This 31st December, host a barbeque at your place and invite your closest friends and family for a fun night of food & drinks. Grill up some yummy dishes and let all those enthusiastic chefs in the family join in as the night air is livened up with the mouth-watering smell from the action area. You can set up a cute bonfire right in the centre of the garden or terrace, around which everyone can take their seats and share their nostalgic childhood memories, funny incidents, scary spine chilling tales for an exciting and memorable last night of the year.



Mixologist contest

If you thought no nightclubs means no drinking the night away, think again! Call up all your friends and tell them to bring in their A-game along of their own drink recipe that’s sure to impress the guests! Have a mixologist contest at your own house party and see the guests mixing up a storm! Introduce a New Year’s theme or some special ingredient into the cocktail mix to make it even more interesting. Rank the drinks according to the votes of the tasters and tally the points at the end of each drinking round to see which drink finally takes the crown. Maybe, you’ll even have live results to witness which drink did its job most efficiently!


So, with these off-the-predictable-track ideas for New Year’s Eve, you are bound to have a 31st like never before. Spend the last hurrah of the holiday season by going for such offbeat ways this year and end 2017 with a bang!


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