Nothing can be more of a bummer when its pouring cats and dogs outside and you feel as if your day has come to a standstill. (And it’s only 11 A.M.) We know everybody loves the warmth of the sun on their skin but also prays for the rains to wash away the scorching heat! These are the days when the weather forecast may be grim, but your days definitely need not be so. These days are exclusively meant for relaxing and doing all that which you generally miss out on because of your hectic daily routine. So next time the rain gods shower their blessings on you, forget the plans that got foiled, put on your most comfortable pair of pyjamas and get set to have one of the most fabulous rainy days ever!


Bake up some goodies

Even if you aren’t an ardent fan of cooking, we are sure baking is something loved by all. And what better way to cure rainy day blues than a freshly baked batch of blueberry muffins or choco-chip cookies. We are sure you will be eating them practically straight from the oven and these will be the yummy lining to your mood clouds. You can even Google up some new recipes and indulge in some experimentation! Trust us, nothing beats the smell of cakes in the oven filling up the house to accompany the rhythmic beats of thunderous raindrops outside!


Set up your own film festival

Who doesn’t love to watch their favorite movies from the comfort of their couch? There’s nothing more fun than holding your own film festival right in your living room, surrounded by your family! Just set up your own movie marathon playlist mixing up some classics, some rom-coms as well as some horror or thriller ones. Get a light blanket to snuggle under, grab a bowl of popcorn and you are all sorted for a day of back-to-back flicks!


Read, read and read some more

We all have a little bit of a bookworm in each of us, but with our daily busy schedules and with the lately empowering social media addiction, we miss out on the chance of reading some really nice books or even rereading an old favorite. Rainy days are made for such occasions when you can snuggle up with an engrossing book and not move from that position till you turn the very last page. There’s nothing more satisfying than a good read, specially when you have a hot cuppa to go with it. Rustle up a delicious cup of hot cocoa that will make the read even more enjoyable!


Let the games begin

What better way to go down the memory lane than indulging in some sweet old board games with your family by your side? Gather all your family members and get ready to spend some much needed quality time with them. Go for classics like scramble, monopoly, checkers, Pictionary, Uno, connect four, Chinese checkers… the list is endless. As all of your family laughs and fights over these games reuniting and reconnecting with each other, this rainy day will turn out be a whole lot more than you expected!


Dressing up is always a good idea

We all know time is money and who doesn’t like saving money right? Here is a way to do that, which you will actually end up enjoying. Every morning all of us have to trade on our 15 minutes of extra sleep to acquire time for choosing a decent outfit for the day. So why not use this stuck-at-home day to choose your attires for the entire week all in advance? Go for a dress rehearsal session; plan every outfit down to the shoes and voila! You have a week’s outfits ready and on point! Now you can spend that extra time every morning doing something you love (read sleeping)!

These fun activities are sure to make every upcoming rainy day in your life much less gloomy and you might begin liking the monsoon days ahead!




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