Types of Diwali parties

One of the most popular Hindu festivals, Diwali, is here and this festival is celebrated in various ways by the various communities around the country. Bengalis celebrate Kali Pujo at this time, North Indians celebrate Lakshmi Puja, Oriyas celebrate Kauriya Kathi & South Indians celebrate Naraka Chaturdashi; but for all these communities, Diwali is the festival of lights, proving once again India’s unity in diversity. The tradition & rituals celebrated during Diwali might be different from community to community, but this is the festival that brings together family & friends and fills everyone’s lives with love & lights! And while you must be inundated with party invites at this time of the year, here are a few types of Diwali parties that you must not miss out on, if you want to enjoy the festival!

The religious party

The most important part of Diwali rituals is the worship of Goddess Lakshmi (or Goddess Kali for Bengalis), praying for wealth, health & happiness. There are quite a few people who arrange pujas in a grand way on Diwali and invite their near & dear ones over for the religious celebrations. All the rituals are held in full traditional pomp & grandeur and the guests are immersed in the pious environment. Such parties are your chance of indulging your religious side and praying to the Goddess for blessings. Also, these occasions are perfect for going full-out traditional & flaunting your most gorgeous ethnic ensembles, specially sarees!

The Bollywood-lovers’ party

Bollywood has forever inspired us as far as planning for parties is concerned, but some hosts take it up a notch higher and indulge their love for Bollywood by throwing parties that are typically filmy, to say the least. From Boollywood-inspired décor to celebrity-inspired outfits, a thematic menu to a night of dancing to Bollywood party songs – you can enjoy all this to the fullest at such parties! Go dressed up as your favourite celebrity or show off the original steps that you have mastered in tune with the Bollywood songs, this is one party that’ll make you feel like a star!

The foodie’s party

Diwali is a festival that is synonymous with lip-smacking traditional food. And some hosts know how to throw a foodilicious party! They have got the best cooks in town (or know the best places to source from) and you know you can’t miss gorging on the carefully thought-out & well-executed dishes. From yummy kebabs to North-Indian namkeens, sumptuous pulao to navratan kofta, and the quintessential kaju katli to all-time favourite gulab jamun; these parties have an array of food items that make them the must-attend ones in your list. So, toss that diet out of the window and prepare to have a delicious Diwali!

The card games party

Most Diwali parties give you the chance to indulge in some fun card games, but there are some hosts who take this aspect of Diwali more seriously than others. Their parties revolve around the games and if you are an avid player, then these are the kinds of parties for you! It’s time to deal a festive hand as you indulge in passionate games of cards with your friends or cousins. If you are not proficient in different types of card games, it’s best to brush up on the basics before the festival. Just play lightly, enjoy the games (whether you win or lose) and just don’t entertain gambling at any point, and you’ll be having a fun-filled Diwali indeed!

The eco-friendly party

In this day & age of increasing global warming, Diwali is a festival that makes us harm the environment in more ways than one. All the harmful gases from fireworks, excess use of electricity and chemical wastes from fire-crackers affect our planet adversely and there are some people out there who does their bit in avoiding that. Such nature-loving hosts throw parties that are different, unique & as much enjoyable without harming the earth. From lighting up the venue with only candles & diyas, to having a menu full of organic food, to saying no to fire-crackers; these parties have their own charm and must not be missed!

It’s high time you get those party invites sorted for Diwali! Choose out the best invites, go party-hopping and have a fabulous festive season!!! Make sure you enjoy the ambience, mingle with friends & family, gorge on some yummt food, dance like no-one’s watching and enjoy the fireworks at the end of the night. So, what are you waiting for? Get, set, party!




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