With our crazy work schedules and faster-than-light lives, we hardly get a chance to take some time out for ourselves to reboot. We know retail therapy or dessert therapy sounds like good options for stress-busters, but at the end of a long day, you need something that will do wonders for your mood, body, mind and your overall being. And that’s exactly what yoga does! Along with building strength and enhancing your body flexibility, daily yoga routines can also help to relax and calm your mind & soul. So, on this International Yoga Day, we have brought you some simple yet effective yoga exercises that will give you a healthy body and mind in no time!

The Mountain Pose

This is the simplest of the lot and perfect for beginners. All you have to do is stand tall keeping your feet together. Relax your shoulders and keep the weight of the body evenly distributed, keeping your arms fixed at the side. Follow it with taking a deep breath and then raising your hands overhead, arms straight and palms facing each other as if trying to reach the sky. Keep the knees straight and hold on to this position. While doing these simple Yoga steps, you can wear athleisure shorts and a cropped sporty tee to avoid clothes that stick to the skin on sweating.

The Downward Dog

This is yet another basic yoga routine that helps to increase your body flexibility and strength. Start by going on all fours, keeping your hands directly under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Walk on your hands for a few paces and then spread out your fingers holding on to the mat with your palms. Keep the toes inward and gradually push out your hips towards the ceiling resulting in an inverted V- position. Stretch the shoulders away from the ears, slightly bend the knees, keep the feet hip-width apart and hold onto this shape for three full breaths. Make sure to go for stretchable leggings and t-shirts that give you room for doing going all the way during these exercises!

The Warrior

This pose instantly makes you feel empowered and ready to take on the world! Stand keeping your legs 3 to 4 feet apart with the right foot out 90 degrees and the left foot in. Extend the arms out to the side keeping them straight with palms down. Keeping the left leg straight, bend down the right knee so that the thigh becomes near parallel to the ground and hold it for 1 minute or 10 deep breaths. Switch sides and repeat. Also, do wear sweat-pants of stretchable fabric for a comfortable routine.

The Bridge Pose

This yoga pose is all about stretching the chest and thighs and extending out the spine. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent straight over the heels. Position your arms at the side with down facing palms. Exhale out and grasp the floor with your feet while you lift up the hips. Shift your arms to the lower back and press them down while extending out the hips until the thighs are parallel to the ground and the chest moves towards the chin. Try to hold the position for a minute. Beginners can keep a stack of pillows beneath your tailbone to provide you support.

The Triangle Pose

Stand with your feet about 3 feet apart with your left foot at an inclination of 45 degrees and the toes of the right foot turned out at right angles. Keep both the legs straight and shift the torso to far right. Keep your right hand above or below the knee or let it rest on the floor while you extend your left hand towards the ceiling. Turn your gaze towards the ceiling and hold it for 5 breaths. Repeat on the opposite side. This exercise can be best done in athleisure tees and shorts or leggings.

All it will take is 15-30 minutes of yoga every day to turn you into a new, better and rejuvenated version with a healthy mind and body. A daily morning yoga workout session shall wake you up better than any caffeine drink in the world. These 5 magic poses will help you stay happy in your own skin and make you see the world in a whole new light! So, on this World Yoga Day, start working out in this age-old way and make a difference to your being!



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