Today’s youth doesn’t live the carefree, wild lives like we think. Their lives are riddled with peer pressure, societal standards, parental expectations, FOMO and insecurities that make their existence anything but perfect. Specially, today’s young girls spend their days trying to keep up with current trends or standards of beauty dictated by the industry. Fat girls or skinny girls are both body-shamed in their own ways. But is that what our girls deserve? Ginger by Lifestyle aims to tell the girls that you have the freedom to be who you are! Here’s what makes you a Ginger girl – a girl who celebrates her individuality beyond stereotypes.

I’m confident about my own body

Say no to body-shaming. There’s no ‘ideal figure’. Everybody is beautiful in their own way – whether she’s a size 2 or a size 20! Wear your body like the God-gifted beauty it is, and don’t let anybody make you feel that there’s anything bad about it! Of course, as long as you take care of your body and make sure you are healthy, you can go out and flaunt yourself with confidence and style!

I make my own fashion rules

They say that you can’t wear bold clothes, because it’s not safe. But some say that you can’t wear something that’s out of fashion. Society says you can’t wear clothes that don’t appeal to our culture. It’s time to make your own rules and live by them. Wear what you feel good in, be wild and free if you want to be! Don’t let labels and tags describe who you are – flaunt your own style statement. You may be flat or fat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable!

I don’t care what “people will say”

“What people will say” has killed more dreams than anything else. The Ginger girl doesn’t live life as per the society’s expectations. It’s high time you stop worrying about people’s opinion about you and start following your passion. You can do the most ‘un-ladylike’ things like riding a bike or playing football if that’s what your heart wants, irrespective of gender stereotypes, tags & labels. Wear what you want, pursue whichever career your passion lies in and tick all those items off your bucket list!

I don’t think only the fair is lovely

If you are dark-skinned, flaunt your color proudly and let the world know you are nothing less than lovely. If you are fair yourself, then stand up for the dusky beauties, support them, lift them up and make them feel as lovely as they really are! It’s time to let them know that you don’t adhere to the standard of perfection imposed by society – you are gloriously unique just the way you are!

I don’t think only curvy is cool

The world sets a woman’s beauty standards by their own judgement of perfection. But are women only synonymous to curvy bodies? So what if you are flat. That doesn’t make you any less of a woman! It’s time to trash those labels. It’s time to show them that 36-24-36 is nothing more than a few random numbers. Be a rebel – conquer those tags & hashtags. You may be flat, yet fascinating. You may be bony, yet bold. You may be skinny, yet strong. You don’t preach to perfection, you are happy being #ImperfectlyPerfect!

Stop fearing the judgemental opinions, take on those curious stares & whispered murmurs, break out of the spell of social media perfection, stand up against the trolling, the body-shaming, the name-calling, the blame-gaming. Be you – boldly and unapologetically. You are the Ginger girl, be strong, confident, happy, unique and #ImperfectlyPerfect.


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