It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. Oh wait! It is Christmas!!! Our favorite time of the year is here at last and it’s the season to be jolly! Most of you must have planned elaborately for this day and are going about executing your exciting plans. But there might also be some of you who just want to sit back and relax on this holiday, or indulge in some impromptu ways of spending this merry day. Here are some simple ways in which you can celebrate Christmas and feel the Yuletide spirit in all its glory!

A Christmas Carol

Read ‘A Christmas Carol’ once again

All of you have read Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ sometime or the other in your life – most likely during your childhood. So why not relive the story once again and give this classic Christmas tale a re-read this year? Love Scrooge or hate Scrooge, but you just can’t ignore him as you follow his transformation from a grumpy old fellow to a kind & caring man who embodies the very essence of the Christmas spirit. This book will not only put you in the mood for Christmas, but also take you back to your childhood days when you must have read the same story, tucked under cosy blankets on wintry evenings.

Christmas cookies

Surprise someone with a home-baked goodie

What’s Christmas without some good old baked treats? This is the time of the year when many households fill with the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked cakes, cookies, tarts & puddings. But this year, share the yummy confections with your loved ones and surprise a friend or a colleague or even your grandparents by wishing them a merry Christmas along with a home-baked cake or box of cookies! It’ll surely put both you and the receiver of the treats in a cheery Yuletide spirit.

Christmas volunteering

Make Christmas happy for the less-privileged

Sometimes, you can put smiles on others’ faces just by giving them the gift of your time. This year, make the season merrier for those less-fortunate than you by volunteering your services at a local NGO, oldage home or orphanage. Spend time with those poor souls at these shelters on Christmas day – sing carols with them, read them Christmas stories, treat them to cakes & puddings, or just help them celebrate the festival in its true spirit. Gifts need not always be given in material forms, sometimes your merry company, unconditional love and precious time are the biggest gifts you can give to others this season.

Christmas cards

Send handwritten Christmas cards

In the age of texts, whatsapp messages, e-mails and social media wishes, we have long-forgotten the simple joy of sending and receiving Christmas cards. It’s time to re-live those memories and get back to writing Christmas wishes for your near & dear ones. Make Christmas cards with personal touches like DIY trims, hand-drawn motifs and hand-written messages that will spread the cheer in a more intimate & beautiful way! Send off the ones meant for people who stay out of town and hand-deliver the ones for your close friends & family, and the lovely look of joy on their faces will make all the effort worthwhile!

Christmas dinner

Have a big, fat family dinner

With all our busy lives & hectic schedules, we hardly get time to sit down and spend time with our family. So, let this Christmas day give you a festive excuse to get the family (and extended family, if you like) together for a lovely dinner! Cook up a storm at home or call in for a full-blown Christmas meal – just make sure there’s lots of good food to furl the camaraderie, laughter and fun. An evening full of reminiscing the good times with your loved ones and making new memories is a perfect way of ending the day in full Yuletide spirit!

So, get into the spirit of the season and celebrate Christmas day in your own heart-fulfilling way. Indulge in any of the above activities or do something you have been planning for this day – as long as you make it a memorable one, let your spirits be high! Merry Christmas!!!





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