However old you may be, the inner child in you never dies – you either indulge it or you ignore it. Life might throw various situations at you which makes you leave your inner child behind, but it’s always advisable to take a breath and bring out your inner child so that you never forget the best part of your life – your childhood. So, when you are feeling over-stressed, burdened or just simply exhausted with life, indulge your inner child and enjoy the moments in all their simple pleasures. Here’s how you can make the child in you happy on this Children’s Day.

Childrens Day school visit

Make a visit to your school

You ran in those hallways, slogged in those classrooms, got punished in those corridors and played in those grounds. Everyone’s school holds a special place in their hearts as it was nothing less than a second home during those growing-up years. It’s time to relive those memories by visiting your school with your gang of friends. Surprise your old teachers by showing them what fine adults you all have turned out to be and spend a day strolling through the school campus just like good old times.

Childrens Day TV shows

Watch reruns of favorite childhood shows

None of your favorite childhood TV shows are aired any more. But why should that stop you from reliving those fun evenings spent ogling at your lovable TV characters? Say hoorah for YouTube and spend a day watching reruns of your much-loved childhood shows – from the desi Shaktimaan or Chacha Chowdhury to the international shows like Small Wonder or the funny Takeshi’s Castle. These nostalgic shows will surely bring out your inner child and help you relax & unwind.

kids fashion Children's Day

Built a Lego castle

You may have grown up now, but your love for Lego has never lessened, has it? The ubiquitous colorful block of Lego instantly transport us back to our childhood, so we can never say no to spending hours building up a grand Lego castle or a busy Lego city. Beg, borrow or steal your nephew’s Lego set and indulge your inner child by creating some Lego beauties, block by block. You can even dig up some old jigsaw puzzles and recreate the childhood memories by putting them together bit by bit, oblivious of the world around you.

Childrens Day no diet

Forget about your diet

Did you ever think of dieting when you were a kid? So, why not relive those carefree days, even if for a while? Ditch your diet and don’t give a hoot about calories as you gorge on cakes, pastries, chocolates, chips, wafers, M&Ms, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, Nutella on anything, marshmallows, cookies, burgers, fries and what not. These kind of kiddie favorites might be high on calories, but they are great as stress-busters too!

Childrens Day favorite hobby

Pursue a favorite childhood hobby

Hobbies were a fun part of your childhood, but as you grew older & busier, you got less & less time to indulge in your favourite hobbies. So, it’s high time you took a breather and pursued your old hobbies, even if for leisure. Go back to your childhood as you start filling up your stamp albums once again with rare collections or try out new crafts or even get yourself one of those adult coloring books! Your inner child will be ecstatic to spend a few hours indulging in those pastimes.

So, it’s time to bring out your inner child and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, not only on Children’s Day, but every day. After all, age is just a number, right?





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