Long weekends are the first things we search for when we get hold of the new calendar for the upcoming year. These are days of utter happiness that are awaited with bated breath throughout the year. The first long weekend of 2017 is here and everyone’s gearing up for a few days of unadulterated fun, starting today! In case you are still unsure of how to spend this glorious Republic Day long weekend, here are some fabulous last-minute full proof ideas for you to enjoy this extended holiday!

long weekend road trip

Hit the road

A road trip with friends always sounds like fun right? And what better occasion than this long weekend, that’s fallen miraculously into your lap, at the first month of the year itself! With the winter still having some time to bid goodbye, this long weekend can serve a perfect occasion for you to embark on a road trip with friends or family. You can either go for a quiet and peaceful retreat to a nearby seaside town, or opt for something more adventurous like a daring forest trek or a soujourn to a hill station. So get the petrol tank full, the phone battery charged, the mood meter high and hit the road to create some amazing and unforgettable memories!

long weekend catch up with friends

Down the memory lane

Another great way to spend a long weekend is to look back on the days gone by. This occasion serves as a perfect way for you to get some time off your everyday hectic schedule and relive the days that are now just a part of an old dusty memory. You can plan up meetings with your childhood buddies and do things that were a special part of your nostalgic years. These may include hosting sleepovers, stocking up on ice cream, popcorn and horror movie DVDs, going to bookstores, catching up and gossiping for hours on end and a lot more. This will be a great way of reliving your childhood up close once again in the middle of all the hustle-bustle of adult life.

long weekend relaxx

Much ado about nothing

Nothing! Yes precisely that’s all you can do throughout this long weekend. This weekend will be no-rules, no-conditions and absolutely no-limitations one. No boss to pester for project submission or no alarm clock to break blissful sleep. All weekend of sleeping, watching movie marathons, having the pizza parlours number on speed dial is few of the happiness deriving activities you can opt for. This will make you experience “Living life King Size” in the truest sense. So no need to make any elaborate plans for the long weekend as that lazy bum of yours is all ready to hit the bed and let the rest of you wander away into dreamland.

long weekend learn something new

Learning fun

This long weekend offers you four days and that means four fresh opportunities for you to indulge in some quality learning experience. There may be quite a few passions locked away in the deepest corners of your heart that you may not get the chance or time to explore. Well, now is the perfect time for you to embark on these adventures and as we all know, it’s never too late to learn. You can opt for different courses and learn something new on each of the four days. These may include baking, gardening, any musical instrument, a new language, any sport, any dance form, origami etc. You can actually give these a chance and who knows something may fascinate you to such an extent that you actually pursue it further.

long weekend volunteer

Cheer for volunteer

One of the noblest ways of spending your long weekend is by spending your time in some volunteering and charitable work. You can visit any nearby NGO and spread some well-deserved happiness and smiles. Be it an orphanage or old age home or female wellness centre, you can visit any of them and spend your time as worthily as it can be during these few days. This will not only help you to spend your long weekend in a memorable way but also leave you satisfied to the core, while giving back to the society in a meaningful way.

These are just a few of the many options that you can go for during the upcoming long weekend and we ensure that it will be a totally memorable one! So, get, set and enjoy the first long weekend of the year!








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