Simple manicures are great but they are also a tad unspecial, at least for Valentine’s Day. Ladies, how about taking it up a notch and playing with your manicure, you know give it a twist? Let’s skip the plain polish and go for some flirty manicures, instead. Besides, there’s probably going to be plenty of handholding so we don’t see any reason for you to complain. We’ve handpicked a few awesome options just for you. You’re welcome!

This one’s sure to put a smile on your face and his. It’s playful yet understated. Adorable and how!

Instagrammar @evashepherd1983
Instagrammar @evashepherd1983

If simple is how you like it then simple is how we will keep it, flirtatiously so, of course.

Instagrammar @thepolishedpage

Image: Instagrammar @thepolishedpage

Have a day-long date? This one’s perfect. Fresh, discreet, and just bright enough for him to notice.

Instagrammar @saratnailart


Image: Instagrammar @saratnailart

Not one to scream your love for him? Whisper it, instead, with this quiet yet suggestive mani.

Instagrammar @nailsbyarelisp

Image: Instagrammar @nailsbyarelisp

Red ain’t your colour? That’s perfectly okay. Try this gorgeous combination of muted silver, white and pink. It’s unmistakably flirty and yet easy on the eyes.

Instagrammar @kaytiko

Image: Instagrammar @kaytiko

We can’t not have a manicure that is all about the decadent red on Valentine’s Day, now can we? Here’s a fun way to play with the classic red polish. How’s that for a dash of extra special?


Image: Instagrammar @rockyournails


Image: Instagrammar @rockyournails


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