Coco Chanel had once said, “If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack.” So, it’s no surprise that lipsticks are a woman’s weapons for survival. I have too many lipsticks – said no fashionable woman, ever! So, World Lipstick Day – i.e., 29th July – is one that needs to be celebrated by all you gorgeous ladies out there and here are some fun ways of doing so!

Pick Your Favorites

You all have stashes of lipsticks bought at various times – some on whimsical online shopping sessions, some while accompanying a friend to the mall, and some on deliberate & passionate searches for the perfect lip color! But, amongst all these shades vying for space in your make-up bag, there are a few that are your go-to lip colors. Spend the day picking out exactly which are the favorite shades that you tend to reach out to more often. Make a note of your favorite picks for future reference, so that you can re-stock them during sale season (maybe at the Lifestyle Sale going on right now?).

Spring-clean Your Collection

Every woman has at least a few lipsticks lying at the bottom of the make-up drawer that you wear the least, or maybe some shades that you have forgotten that you had. Do a spring-cleaning of your entire lipstick collection and take stock of the inventory. Keep the favorite colors towards the front, make a group of the shades that you wear on special occasions and check out which ones are least-used. Get rid of the ones that are more than 1-2 years old, as they might not be good for your lips anymore. If there are lipsticks that you don’t really want to wear, then give them away, maybe? Or recycle them at your nearest Lifestyle store where you will get free lipsticks on exchange of old ones till 2nd August!

Try Out New Shades

We know you always end up buying shades that you like or that complements you. But, that means you have too many reds or enough of those pinks. World Lipstick Day is a great time to come out of your comfort zone and try out new shades of lip colors. Experiment to your heart’s content and see how the new nude looks on you? Or maybe try pairing the vibrant tangerine with your everyday make-up look? Head over to the nearest Lifestyle store, which stocks over 1000 shades of lip colors including mattes, gloss, shimmers etc. and get your hands on something new & exciting! Strong matte lips – specially in rich hues like red or terracotta – are in this season, so try them out and pick new lipsticks are never-before prices, thanks to the offers going on this weekend!

Awesome Offers

This World Lipstick Day, beauty brands are giving amazing offers for you to upgrade your lipstick collection. Head over to any Lifestyle store, buy worth Rs. 550 from Colorbar and exchange your old lipstick for free! You can also explore lots of exciting offers on your favorite brands and pick up your favorite or long-time wish-listed lipsticks at great prices! Lifestyle has over 150 shades of red & pink, and over 75 hues of orange – thus giving you great variety to pick from! It’s the perfect time to paint that pout in various new shades, so get, set and start shopping!

So, how will you be celebrating World Lipstick Day on 29th July? Don’t miss out on the exciting offers available at Lifestyle stores and even on the website, and let your lips do all the talking!

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