With the full-fledged summer season in action, it’s quite obvious that college girls have already efficiently updated their summer wardrobes. But what’s as crucial as the clothes? It’s the hairstyle!! In this scorching heat, it’s in dire need that you flaunt hairstyles that you can comfortably carry. You need hairstyles that not only complement your outfits but also keep all those sweaty bangs and humidity-inflicted frizz out of your way. These easy, fuss-free hairstyles are all that you need to look on-point this season without having to sweat it out!

women's bob hairstyle for summer

Pixie or bob?  

If you are one of those lovelies who have a shorter haircut, then the pushed-back pixie is just the one for you! Just simply give your hair some texture with a good hair wax and then push it back with your fingers. This lazy girl look is that easy. And if your hair is just above the shoulder level, then you can definitely go for the loose bob look. Wrap the pieces of hair starting at the cheek level around a curling iron and create loose curls in alternate directions. Flip your hair upside down to break up your curls and paired up with a floral skater dress & athleisure slip-ons, you are all ready for a fun day at the college!

women's half up half down hairstyle for summer

Lay your hair down  

The half-up-half-down is a classic, easy and chic hairstyle that looks best on medium length hair. Take all of the hair on the top and make a loose ponytail or a braid with it. Keep the rest of the hair open below or for brownie points, add some beach-y waves at the bottom. Also, 70s are back and along with it comes the sleek sides. Tuck in straightened centre parted hair behind your ears and secure it with bobby pins. Wear this casual chic hairstyle with a white shirt, ripped denims and sneakers for a laidback look that’ll turn heads at the campus.

women's ponytail hairstyle for summer

Ponytails are Love

This summer do give your irons and tools a break and showcase your natural hair texture. Pull your hair into a relaxed high ponytail and don’t bother slicking down the sides. Keep it messy and tousled for a natural summer look. For a touch of polish, take out a section of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie with bobby pins. And if you are a braid lover just like us, then the braided pony is going to be your new favorite. All you have to do is braid one side of your hair going all the way to the bottom and ultimately ending it in a sleek side ponytail. Pair it with your LBD, smokey eyes and a red dramatic pout for an alluring post-college party look!

women's top bun hairstyle for summer

Sky-high buns

One of the quickest and most comfy hairstyles ever, the topknot bun is here since some time and it’s surely here to stay! Just tie a high ponytail and then wrap the hair around the base of the pony securing it with a hair tie. It can range from sleek to messy and keeps your hair out of your face effectively. You can also go for the modern 60s bun by just blow drying the hair prior to tying the bun. Use a donut bun to make the bun look more voluminous and finally pull a few strands of hair from the bun for that undone efoortless look. Complement a messy topknot bun with a crop top and denim shorts for some easy summer casual vibes.

With already too much drama in our lives, who needs some more? So get rid of all hair troubles and choose these effortlessly chic hairstyles that will definitely withstand the climate and keep you college-going cuties looking the best on campus!




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