Festival season is around the corner. This year it’s all the more special – it’s a time to rid ourselves of the feelings of despair and come together to enjoy what the season brings. Stylish looks, sparkling lights, thoughtful gifts, delicious food, quality time with close friends and family… Be safe and have fun!

Shopping for gifts

Shopping for gifts
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There’s nothing as exciting as gift-giving. Spending time curating something that tells the ones closest to you how much you care, and the best part? Getting loads of gifts in return! Get it all done in time by shopping ahead of time. Take time making a checklist and tick off as you go along. Organize your shopping trips for non-rush hours on weekdays to up the safety quotient if you like; or simply log on to your favourite site.

Festive looks for all occasions

Sequins, flowing traditional clothing, bright colours, the clinking of jewelry and more… Festival season is the time to add a sparkle to your look. Pull out the stops, bring on the bling in traditional wear or fusion looks for men, women and kids.

Besan ladoos, spicy murukkus and more

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Now’s the time to shelve that diet and say hello to the variety of sweet and savory treats the festivities bring. From mouth-watering besan ladoos and gulab jamuns to spicy murukkus and rice crackers – this year, raid the Net, tap friends who are known cooks to brush up your own cooking and turn out goodies at home. Pack beautifully and send as gifts and savour at home.

Renew bonds from the heart

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If doing it on video chats and phone calls, make it special. Spend time to have meaningful chats, connect from the heart – distance does not take away from closeness, so go ahead and renew your bonds, reach out to people who make a difference to your life.

This year, Lifestyle helps you celebrate the festival season with all our stores especially geared to keep you safe so you can be easy in the mind and indulge in shopping to your heart’s content. From gifts for friends to building up your own wardrobe, start shopping for a fun and fashionable season ahead.

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