You love sales and we love sales. It’s undoubtedly the best time of a shoppers’ year. But navigating through a sale is trickier than it seems. Noticed how that one friend gets all the right pieces in her size for a steal and you seem to have no such luck? Well, it’s not all luck, neither is it coincidence. It is a Science – nah! It is taking the sale by its horn and making it work to your benefit, and that takes strategy, planning and a little bit of luck. We let you in on the secrets of shopping this season’s sales like a pro and getting exactly what you want. Ready?

Pre-sale To Dos:

Sync your Calendars. As with all things fashion, sales too have a set calendar, barring the flash sales. So, to make the most of them you need to approximately be aware when they are going to come about and plan your finances and shopping needs around that.

Get Stalking. We are not asking you to be creepy, it’s strictly shop stalking. If it’s an online store or a physical one with a website, comb the websites, familiarise yourself with the merchandize and make ready your must-have list. Do it often, and as soon as the ticker says “Sale”, attack!

Do your Homework. Don’t settle for “I’ll see what’s there and pick accordingly.” No! That’s just going to make your brain feel like a scramble when you hit the floor, and you might end up picking the wrong stuff. What pieces does your wardrobe need, what’s on offer, what pieces are likely to be on sale, what trends are here to stay? Do your research, visit the stores or their websites and have these answers ready before the sale goes live.

Know your Sections. Memorize the layout of the store and know exactly where they keep what. When the doors open on D-Day, you’ll know exactly where to head to get your hands on that dress that you’ve been dreaming of before someone steps on that dream.

During Sale To Dos:

Early to Rise is Wise. We’ve been hearing the “Early to bed, early to rise…” since we were small but whether you have been practising it or not, this is a good time to do it. Be at the store first thing in the morning, when everything is in its designated place and the racks are organised. You’ll get everything you want without waiting for hours outside the trial room.

Weekdays Are it. When we say weekdays, it does NOT include Fridays (TGIF means everyone’s going to be there.). If the sale does not start on a weekend (and, we hope it doesn’t), then be sure to hit the stores between Monday and Thursday. You’ll avoid the chaos and will have better chances of bagging everything you want.

Grab them Basics & Accessories. Sales are the best time to stock up the basics – leggings, camisoles, white/black tees, etc. – because you’ll always need them and they are never going out of style. Accessories are another must-attack section during sales. Now is the time to buy that chunky heel or that clutch you’ve dreaming of.

One Step Ahead. Sales happen at the end of every season to make way for the new season’s collection. So, the summer stuff at the end of Spring Summer, and, likewise, the wintery stuff at the end of winter are most likely to have the best discounts. Think a season ahead, and stack up the winter coats and sweaters even if that requires sweating it out. Come winter, you’ll pat yourself on the back for having had the foresight, and would have saved yourself some good money, too.

Remember practice makes perfect for sale shopping, too. Follow these steps and you’ll only get more sale-savvy with time. Happy shopping!

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Great to shop. Awesome sale always with good favourite shopping place