Suits are any suave man’s favourite sartorial choice when it comes to formal dressing. If you want to make a fashionable and powerful impression in the boardroom, then there’s nothing better than a dapper suit. And if you really want to turn heads, then there’s nothing more stylish than a well-tailored three-piece suit. The elegant layers of a three-piece suit lend an impactful edge to the confident attitude of a suave man. So, this season, invest in some well-cut three-piece suits for flaunting at all your formal dos.


Slimming effect

Contrary to popular belief, a three-piece suit makes a man look slimmer. The well-cut lines of the waistcoat that sits close to the body, hugs the figure, so that the suit jacket fits snugly over it, thus lending a slimming look. Always choose a single breasted jacket for your three piece suit, so as to let part of the waistcoat be seen. The visible layers add elements of interest to your outfit.


Waistcoats to the rescue

The fit of your waistcoat is very important for the suit to look proper on your body. Make sure the waistcoat is not too long or too short – it should just cover your belt. If your waistcoat and trousers fit nicely, then you can skip the belt and go for a pair of suspenders. Opt for the standard 5 to 6 button waistcoat for the perfect length and fit. Also, always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat open for ease of movement.

How to accessorize

A three-piece suit makes a statement in itself, but when accessorized well, it takes dapper dressing to another level altogether. Choose your neckties with care while pairing them with a three-piece suit, as bulky ties can create a bulge when tucked inside the waistcoat. Smart ties with tie-pins lend a sophisticated vibe to your suit. Make sure your tie-pins re always the same width as the tie. A nifty pocket square also adds style to your suit, while the perfect pair of leather shoes finish off the look well.

Make the three-piece suit your wardrobe favourite this season as they’ll surely make you stand out in the formal workplace crowd.


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