Let the countdown begin. Refresh your skin routine and add whatever points you may have missed. Check our quick guide and go for that beautiful glow!

1. Eat more veggies and fruits

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Draw up a written plan to include these good foods in your day – and stick to it. This will help your system flush out toxins and replenish with vitamins and minerals. The glow has to come from within.

2. Infuse your water with lemon

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Image credits : www.depositphotos.com

Lace your water with lemon juice which helps you balance the alkaline and acidity levels in your body – even as you hydrate your system with the eight glasses of water.

3. Get that sleep

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Inadequate, poor sleep reflects terribly on skin. Cut off electronic disturbances about an hour before you intend to doze off and slip into rejuvenating slumber.

4. No way out of exercise

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That glow is guaranteed with exercise! Forty minutes of brisk walking every day is likely to suffice. Remember you can break this up as you like – just get in the movement into your day!

5. Calm your mind

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A peaceful mind reflects on your look (and adds to your glow). Make sure you spend at least 10-15 minutes where you try to be still, breathe deeply and mindfully and even meditate if you can.

6. Cleanse twice a day

Do not ignore your CTM (cleanse, tone and moisturize) routine. This removes excess oil, grime and dirt that accumulates on your face. Rosewater is a natural cleanser you may try.

7. Exfoliate once a week

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This sloughs off dead skin that makes your skin look dull. You may choose between ready scrubs or try home-made exfoliants such as fine sugar mixed with olive oil and besan. (Natural products too may act as allergens – so test on a small area before going the whole way.)

8. Face serum

Applying the right serum for your face will promote regeneration and repair of cells, lighten wrinkles, dark spots and remove acne. Some serums help with exfoliating too while most contain moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that will plump up your skin.

9. Hydrating moisturizer

This will drastically reduce skin problems such as excessive dryness or oiliness that can cause your pores to become blocked and lead to skin blemishes. For oily skin, remember if you keep your face off moisturizers, your oil glands are likely to go into overdrive – so choose a light moisturizer to maintain the balance.

10. Sunscreen

Up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds so don’t take a cloudy day for granted! Wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect you from the ill effects of the sun’s rays.

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