The graphic eyeliner trend is the newest runway-to-real-life makeup trend this SS’18. It brings couture into your everyday makeup and is a way of going for bold minimalism through your make-up. It’s time to ditch the predictable cat eyes or clean kohl-rimmed eyes and start creating graphic shapes with your eyeliner! This trend is all about a modern take on the 60’s dramatic look and it can be simple or intricate, depending upon your abilities and mood. So, let’s get you ready with your liquid, gel or pencil eyeliners as we show you multiple ways of rocking the graphic trend this season!

Dotted Cat Eye

This dotted beauty is a step ahead of our basic eye makeup look, and adds just the correct amount of impact with the minimum of efforts. For this look you first need to choose an eye shadow that gives you a glossy finish on the lids and blend away. Then take your eyeliner and draw the classic cat eye. Now, take your eyeliner and make evenly spaced dots along your lower lash line, a millimeter from the base of lower lashes. You can make the dots big or small, one or multiple depending upon the intensity of the look that you want to go for. Finish off the rest of the face with a dewy glow, a healthy flush on the cheeks and a matte pink shade for the lips. Voila! You are ready to rock the Saturday night with your BFFs!!

Open Wings

Disconnected lines, especially in your eye-makeup, are going to leave you with a rebellious yet trendy look this season. Prepare your eyelid in a nude-ish backdrop with peach or light brown shades blended right. Then starting from the outer corner of the upper lash line, take your eyeliner and draw out half an inch, make a sharp winged corner and continue downward till you reach the crease. Accentuate the inner corners of the eye using a metallic eye shadow or colored kajal. Complete the look with highlighting the high points of your face with a rose-gold or silver illuminator and a velvety peach-y shade on the lips.  This graphic look will perfectly complement your cocktail dress for a special dinner occasion or a formal event!

Double Cat Eye

This too is a modern take on a classic cat-eye look and will help in reinvesting your belief in “two is better than one”, especially in the case of winged liners. Using a black eyeliner, draw a cat eye and once done with that, draw another line directly above your first line but this time in another color be it a rich turquoise or a jewelled emerald or a royal purple, and extend this line a tad bit further than the previous line for some added flair. Keep the rest of the look simple and with clear glossed lips or a nude lip tint; you are all set to let those eyes do all the talking. Wear this make-up look with your gorgeous sarees to your best friend’s wedding or cousin’s reception!

Metallic Wings

A glam, smoky metallic winged eye is all that you need this party season. Accentuate the shape of your eyes and choose warm luxe tones that make it pop. For this look, you will need to be extra precise or use a pointy liner brush to take some metallic eye shadow and form a wing upwards and towards the brow, blending the rest of the shadow over the lids. Line the lower lash line with a darker shade of the same color palette and blur any sharp edges with a blending brush. Put some color on the inner corners to open up the eyes and with a bold, deep shade like a maroon or a burgundy or plum on the lips, you are slaying the season’s top makeup trends. This look will best be paired with your favorite LBD or a glam-chic evening gown!

Arc Absolute

This retro look can be made modern-chic by teaming it up with fresh dewy skin and subtle, soft lips. Now, create a half-moon shaped arc with your eyeliner between the natural crease and brow. The tips to do it right is to look up straight ahead resting your elbows on a table so that you draw the smoothest line. Pair this design with long mascara loaded lashes and eye-shadow smudged lower lash line. To make your eyes the star of the day, keep the rest of the face clean and just add a nude tinted lip balm or lip cream on the lips and a rose-y blush on the cheeks. Flaunt this graphic liner look at the next Sunday brunch or an office party to turn heads in style!

So, the eye trend for SS’18 is all about coloring outside the lines and giving iconic looks an edgy makeover. These bold yet trendy modern eye look doesn’t take up hours as it seems and can be switched to from your basic eyeliner routines, not just on the weekends but all through the week!


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