Sunglasses are the style soul-mates of fashionable men & women – not only during summers, but throughout the year. Whether used as an accessory to pep up a boring outfit, or worn as a shield to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun, trendy sunnies help us do it all with élan! And on this auspicious occasion of Uttarayan, the kite festival, your chic sunglasses will come in handy as you spend a fun-filled day under the sunny blue sky!

Festival Fun

India is the homeland of year-long festivities and Uttarayan is one of the most unique ones. This international kite festival is held exclusively in Gujarat and is regarded as one of their most special occasions of the year. It is one colorful phenomenon when the skies over the state of Gujarat are filled with bright and colorful kites from dawn to dusk. This festival is said to mark the transition of winter into summer, and what a fun transition it is! People all come together to fly their kites high up in the sky – there’s friendly squabbling, competing, laughter, lots of good food and of course, a sky full of kites to gaze at, even if you are not participating in the sport.


Protection Power

Needless to say, a festival of flying kites clearly implies that the festival venues are terraces, fields or big open spaces. All family members and friends come together to feast on delicious Gujrati dishes, and indulge in enthusiastic kite-flying (either actively or passively). Now, staying under the bright winter sun requires a bit more than just a good sunscreen. Good and stylish sunglasses are a crucial weapon that helps you look up straight into the sky, right at the sun as you take your kites further up the victory ladder. Trendy shades also help the spectators to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays and enjoy the festival in the best way possible.

Sunny Style

As important a role sunglasses play in providing protection to your pretty eyes, equally important is the role it plays in fashion. Outfits are made complete with accessories like fashionable sunnies and at festival times, you need your outfits to be on point. It’s the time to flaunt your most vibrant outfits and don glares that complement your outfit or any of your personal favorite. From aviators & wayfarers to chic cat-eyes & cool clubmasters, the options are many, just make sure you sport one that suits your face and you’ll be all set to enjoy the fun festivities!

So, this Uttarayan, make sure equip yourself with trendy glares along with the kites. If you want to get your hands on styles that are currently trending, then head over to the Lifestyle sale to get the coolest ones at the best offers! Throw around some shade and sprinkle some swag as you fly your kites to victory!


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