Suit Fest 2016

It’s that time of the year when everyone around you seems to be getting hitched – from friends & cousins to colleagues & neighbors. So, with the invites pouring in & the excitement for wedding season building up, it’s important to get the outfits sorted. Now, with more than one wedding invitations in a season, you can’t even repeat ensembles, so it’s inevitable that you are at a loss when it comes to deciding on what to wear, specially for men. But not to worry! This season, turn heads at the wedding parties by embracing the season’s suit trends that’ll make you look suave & make you stand out in the crowd too!

The three-piece suit

You have to keep a few things in mind while picking a three-piece suit for yourself (or for others). Make sure the waistcoat fits you snugly, so that the suit jacket sits well over it. Go for the standard 5-6 button waistcoat and make sure the length is neither too short, nor too long and just about covers your belt. A single-breasted suit jacket is best suited for this look, as it lets part of the waistcoat to be visible, which adds to the charm of the layered three-piece suit.

Suit fest'16-beige suit

The pastel suit

Suit, nowadays, come in various shades & hues, leaving you spoiled for choice when it comes to colors. But this season, opt for lighter hues and embrace the pastel trend. Choose elegant beige tones for the suit and pair it up with shirts in pristine white for day occasions and jewel hues like maroon or navy for the evenings. You can jazz up the look with a printed pocket square or a fun bow-tie and stand out in the formal black & grey crowd in your pastel suit.

Suit fest'16-grey uit

The metallic grey suit

A smart, well-cut suit in metallic tones of grey can amp up your style quotient this party season. The sheen of the suit, paired with a sleek fit is all that you need to make heads turn wherever you flaunt it! These kind of suits help you look jazzy without being OTT. Give your dapper metallic grey suit outfit the perfect finishing touch by pairing it with a stylish pair of shoes, such as patent oxfords, suede moccasins or textured footwear. Also, it’s best go for fabrics in silk blends or other similar rich-looking materials so that your suit shines its way through the wedding crowd.

Suit fest'16-black suit

The tuxedo suit

During the wedding season, you can’t miss out on sporting the most classy suits of all times – the tuxedo. A quintessential black tuxedo, paired with a crisp white shirt spell sophistication and elegance like nothing else. Slim ties with classy tie-pins add a suave touch to your tuxedo suit look. Give this all-time favourite trend your own unique twist by accessorizing it with something eye-catching like a pair of patent oxfords or a trendy smartwatch.

So, this wedding season, flaunt various suits in all their sartorial glory and grab eyeballs with your suave style, confident stride and charming personality! You can get a pick of the season’s most stylish suits at the ongoing Suit Fest at your nearest Lifestyle store! Get, set and suit up!!





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