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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s perfectly normal for ghosts, ghouls and famous movie characters to be on the minds of everyone. But deciding on a proper Halloween costume which is not only easy and DIY-able, but also capable enough of making a strong impact on the spectators isn’t that easy a task. For that very reason, we are here with some amazing, classic, fun and doable Halloween costume ideas for both men and women for them to rock it this Halloween’17. Let’s get you spooked up!

Vampire diaries

As predictable as both the name and the idea may seem, dressing up as a dark, Gothic vampire can never be out of fashion. This classic idea can get every man’s eyes on you at the Halloween party and we are ‘dead’ serious. All you have to do is get hold of some false fangs from any quirky prop shop and you can be the perfect all-in-black vamp with just a few regular pieces of clothing. Pair up a black spaghetti and black ripped denims, layering them with your favorite black biker leather jacket and ankle high black studded boots (yes! that’s a lot of black we know!). To break through the black monotony, you can add dashes of blood red with your lipstick, eye shadow, contact lenses, rings etc. Accessorize further with a black choker and you are all set to own the night!

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Don’t joke with The Joker

We aren’t joking when we say this look is going to be an absolutely winner at any Halloween party you attend to. Men dressed up as The joker, if done the right way, can steal many a ‘heart’ on Halloween night. Go for a white formal shirt and pair it with a black tuxedo jacket, black trousers and a white waistcoat underneath. To add a pop of colour, you can add a red bowtie and of course the iconic red lips, gelled green hair and a slightly white-washed face (if you are daring enough). For brownie points, pin up one or two joker cards from the card deck onto your suit as brooches!

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Be the Black Swan   

The movie ‘Black Swan’ has been known and adored by all, and so has been the character of Natalie Portman. Well, now is the perfect time to step into her shoes, as you can use some simple clothes to recreate that look for Halloween. Just team up a black lacy crop top and a black flared skirt and that’s half the work done! Do intense smoky eyes and paired with fluttering, long, false eyelashes and feathery headgear you can be totally mistaken for the black swan. Accessorize with solitaire studs, feathery handcuff and the very crucial pair of black elastic cross strap ballet flats. Also, if you are an art and craft person, you can also make your very own pair of black swan wings to get into the character and stun everyone on Halloween night!

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As gallant as Gru

Now, who doesn’t know Gru, boss to our all-time favorite, cute, adorable and lovable minions? This Halloween, men can take their minion love to another level by dressing up as our very own villain-turned-hero Gru. Just put on your black hoodie or sweatshirt, casual pair of denims and any striped (preferably black and grey) muffler around your neck to look just like him. If you are a proud owner of a bald head then this look is just the one for you or else you can sport a bald head-wrap or mask. To complete the look, get yourself a stuffed toy of a minion and you are all set to stand out in the crowd of ghosts and ghouls!

These four are just a teeny tiny part of the million Halloween costumes and ideas you can go for. So get your thinking caps on and customise these looks to appear as realistic and creative as possible. Happy Halloween!

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