We had been waiting with bated breath to witness what a leading international makeup brand and a world famous 22-year old super-model can come up with when they collaborate, and we are surely not disappointed! The new Gigi Hadid x Maybelline collection is like a designer version of drugstore make-up products, and all fashionable women out there can’t wait to get their hands on it. This chic collection comes in a mix of holographic and pinkish-nude packaging and is divided into three themes – East Coast Glam, West Coast Glow and the Jetsetter Palette. This collection showcases celebrity model Gigi Hadid’s travel-filled bicoastal lifestyle, and has everything that a makeup-lover dreams about. Here’s why you should upgrade your beauty kit straight away with pieces from this exciting new collection!

Jetsetter Palette

This palette is literally a godsend for the late-to-bed-late-to-rise crowd who have to take the crucial decision between breakfast and make-up every weekday morning. Instead of searching here and there for the numerous make-up items that you need for a flawless face, this palette has all in one kit. Consisting of two concealers, an eye brush, a face brush, two lip balms, four eye shadows, one blush, bronzer, highlighter, mascara and a generously sized mirror, this kit is perfect for touch ups on-the-go (read in the cab) as well!. It’s also a blessing in disguise for all those who have a habit of last-minute packing for trips, as all you need is to pack in this palette, and all holiday make-up woes will be sorted! This palette is all set to give you a fresh face after a long flight or a natural, dewy look for a brunch with its pinkish and nude-ish hues and shimmery glows, along with the bonus of classic black and brown eye shadow for a quick smoky eye for any party!

East Coast Glam

Inspired by Gigi’s favourite neighbourhood, Soho, and its alleyways; and the glamor of Cosmopolitan; this theme is all about smudgy-chic and messily perfect. It features products with neutral tones that are perfect for flaunting at work, as well as dark shades that can make you weekend-ready in style. There are two eye contour palettes in warm and cool versions of the same neutral shades each having five matte shadows. It contains a black liquid liner as well as a smudgy gel liner for those perfect wingtips or sensuous smokey eyes. It also has a voluminizing fibre mascara as well as an eye contour brush for the eyes. Dedicated to the face are two tinted primers that are light weight and make you look like off-duty-models, and also the highlight of the collection (literally), the liquid strobe highlighter that gives an iridescent silver glow that’s impossible to ignore! Finally, the three cherries on the cake are the matte lipsticks with their respective liners, a light nude named after Gigi’s pal ‘McCall’, the quintessential Gigi Nude ‘Taura’ and a mauve-y purple ‘Erin’ that’s going to be a total trendsetter this season.

West Coast Glow

Now if you are more of a warm-tones-loving person, you will definitely be one of the firsts to head to the store for this range. Inspired by Gigi’s love for California sunsets back home and a relaxed and comfy beach feel, this collection makes us crave for some Vitamin-Sea. It comprises of two eye shadow palettes – “warm” and “cool” – featuring yummy beach shades with bursts of colour, such as matte browns, dusty rose shimmers, matte pinks, gold shimmers, matte chocolate brown and champagne shimmer. This collection also boasts of a nude gel liner and lash sensational mascara that will make you look bright eyed. It also has a tinted primer and golden shimmer liquid strobe highlighter that will give the perfect I-just-spent-the-day-at-beach look. Lastly, it has three matte lipsticks with their matching liners ranging from ‘Lani’ that’s a gorgeous ruby red, ‘Khair’ which is a cherry orange red and ‘Austyn’ that’s a warm orange toned shade. These intense and vibrant lip colors are ideal for painting your pout when you are feeling bold and stylish!

What more reason do you need to go makeup shopping? You should definitely invest in this collection and make a strong style statement through your lips or eyes this season. Head over to the nearest Lifestyle store or website to get your dose of make-up brought to you by the gorgeous Gigi Hadid herself!


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