Christmas and New Year is just around the corner and you are prepping up your wardrobe for the happening parties ahead. But have you thought about outfits for the tiniest members of your family? There are some quite exciting party styles for girls and boys this season including a lot of glitter, shimmer, and everything bling. Chic and edgy clothes resplendent with sequins and with shiny Lurex bring an opulent edge in kidswear this party season. So, if you haven’t given a thought to your kids’ party looks, it’s time to pick some glamorous numbers for the little ones!


Shimmer & shine

We are sure your little princess already carries herself like stylish miniature version of her trendy mom. Well, it’s time to add some shimmer to her already diverse and well-rounded wardrobe. This party season, dress up your pretty damsels in shimmery culottes-style jumpsuits complete with metallic sandals, a quirky sling, and fun headgear. Or you could even choose for her an embroidered/ embellished top with sheer sleeves and pair it with flared skirts and colourful bunny ears. These serve to be the perfect outfits for any Christmas party or toddler get-togethers.


Bling Boys  

You might have given your son an incredible wardrobe and impeccable style genes to go with it. It’s time to make sure your young dapper dude makes a smashing entry into any party this season. Pairing up a crisp white dress shirt with jeans and quirky suspenders is a fun look to go for. This outfit could also be accentuated with the help of a velvety blazer or suede shoes. You can add some bling to his looks in the form of a sequinned bow-tie or embellished jackets!


For the love of sparkle

You little princess can carry of trendy accessories as well as she can cuddle up with her favourite soft toys. We could all take style lessons from her as she rocks her pretty outfits and fun poses like one has seen never before. So, this party month, let her do her thing in sparkly A-line, shimmering shift dresses or bright satin-y high low gowns. Complete the looks with matching sandals, hair bands, hair barrettes etc. and that cute-as-a-button smile of hers for the perfect party vibes!


Glam guys

Starting from cool, grunge boy vibes to smart and slick dapper looks, you are training your son to pull off all kinds of looks with cute flair. That’s precisely why you need to update his party wardrobe with textures like velvet, satin, and other jazzy materials. Dress him up in a 3 piece suit over a clean white shirt and smart leather shoes. Add a pop of colour with a red bow tie and he’ll surely be the star of whichever party he walks into!

From babies in beanies to toddlers in boots, kids fashion is escalating at the fastest pace ever and there’s no reason that your kids be left behind this party season. Glitters, sequins, and shimmer add that little extra glamorous edge your kids’ party outfits. Lifestyle’s party collection has some cool & trendy numbers for the little ones, so jazz up their party wardrobe like your own one this year!

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