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Make-up is a girl’s best friend, no matter what the season is. That includes the monsoon months, when not only do you have to dress up keeping the weather forecast in mind but also make sure that you put your best face on to fight your way through the rains. As refreshing as the rains are, it isn’t the best thing for your make-up, so unless you want to appear like a character straight out of a horror movie (with washed out mascara running down your face), its best to improvise your daily makeup routine with the following tips and thus keep your look in check throughout the monsoons!

Get the base right

First and foremost, it’s most crucial that whenever you have to go out in the rain (anywhere for that matter), you should have your base on point. For rainy days specially, it’s best advisable to go for a tinted, light moisturizer like a good BB cream instead of your heavy foundation. This allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t let your base to get patchy in the humid weather. An additional protection will be provided by a primer that doesn’t let your moisturizer melt away and will make your make-up stay in place even in the worst case scenarios.

Let your eyes do the talking

Running-down mascara and eyeliners that make you look like a self-proclaimed raccoon is one of the first dangers of a monsoon shower. So as soon as you see the monsoon winds blowing your way, start using waterproof love for your lashes to keep them curled up and gorgeous even in the rain. Also liquid eyeliners are a complete NO during this time. Opt for gel or cream ones that will serve the purpose efficiently. To fill in your brows, use the brow pencils/gels instead of the powders and if you don’t step out of the house without eye shadow, you will be well aware that rains and all that humidity call for cream shadows and not the powder ones.

Bless that blush

Rosy cheeks are the make-up birth-right of every girl out there and the rains ought not to take that away, right?  Hence, cream blushes are life-savers during the tropical rains. This cream based formula comes in pretty shades like pinks, corals, reds & oranges; and helps to maintain that perfect rosy tint on our cheeks even in a heavy downpour. It’s time to say goodbye to our rest-of-the-year-round loyal powder blushes and welcome the former when the rain starts to roll in. The same theory goes for our contour and highlighter palettes as we need to ditch the powder based formulas and choose the cream ones that will continue to stick with you just like a best friend.

Love thy lips

Most of you hold testimony to the statement that a woman can never have enough lipsticks! But they are pretty quick to mess things up for you if you aren’t smart in choosing good quality products, specially for use in the monsoons. Compromising on the quality of lipsticks, in this humid season can make them bleed, and spoil your otherwise-perfect make-up. So make sure to go for a high quality lipstick, lip gloss or liquid matte lipcolor; that will undoubtedly survive the monsoon showers and keep your million dollar smile on point, no matter what.

Even a Pluviophile (rain lover) may start detesting the rains for what it does to her make-up, but no worries as these tips and techniques will help you sail through all of it with your best face on! So shed away your fears and step into the rains to enjoy the best of this monsoon season!



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