This Diwali, we not only help you get exciting gifts for your loved ones, but we help you wrap them up nicely too! Our downloadable wraps and tags put the perfect finishing touches to your special gifts, and it’s super-easy too!


1. Download our fun prints and print them on paper according to the size you want.

2. Clear out a workspace and spread the printed wrapping sheet on it. Place the gift on the paper and measure it properly to see how much you need for wrapping.

3. After cutting the paper, place the gift face down in the centre. Bring paper up from both sides and smoothen till they meet in the middle. Pull tightly and neatly tape closed.


4. Next, take the open end towards you and fold the right and left corners in triangles smoothly, tucking them inside towards the middle. Fold the whole flap up and tape. Repeat with the other side.

5. Turn the box right-side up and sharpen the creases at the edges with your finger.

6. Take a bright ribbon and tie up the wrapped box with it.

7. Cut out the tags you have printed along with the wrapping sheet, write down the name or a message for your loved one and stick it on the ribbon. Voila! Your pretty package is ready for gifting!

You can also add your creative touches to your gift wrapping and use printed fabrics or patterned tissue paper to wrap your gifts. Wrap up in brown paper and tie it in twine, instead of ribbon, for an earthy look. Add little charms, pompoms or tassels with the tag to give a boho vibe to your pretty gifts!

Who knew wrapping gifts could be so much fun, eh?

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