Mothers are the life forces behind all of us and should be applauded each & every day of our lives. But thanks to your hectic schedules and busy existence, you are reminded to show her your love on this one day of the year that we call Mother’s Day. We are dedicating this Mother’s Day to all the different kinds of moms all around and sharing gifting ideas for them so that you can choose the perfect gift for your mother, whichever type she is!

 Mother's Day gift bag

The Best Friend Mom

If your mother is less of a mother and more of a friend & confidante, then you have had one chilled-out childhood. Having a mother for a best friend is an amazing thing and you need equally amazing gifts for such a mom. You can pick a nice pair of sandals or a chic bag for her. You can also gift her an album filled with photos of all the good times you’ve spent together. You can even buy matching bracelets or pendants for both of you to seal your BFF status forever.

The Don’t-Mess-With-Me Mom

Many of you have mothers who are not much less terrifying than Hitler himself. But you also know that her strictness comes out of her love and concern for you. So, show your mom that you understand the soft heart inside her hard external personality by giving her thoughtful gifts like a nice perfume or a pair of pretty earrings. If she’s a coffee person, you can get her a cool coffee brewer or any latest kitchen gadget like a food processor.

Mother's Day gift Melange dress

The Cool Mom

Do your friends always envy you because of the cool mom you have? Is she as updated as you about everything that’s going on all around? Then she sure deserves the coolest gifts too! Get your mom tech accessories like headphones, funky I-pad covers or even the latest Kindle to keep her on top of her game. You can even opt for trendy clothes, stylish sunglasses or a framed wall art of a cool quote and make mommy cool happy!

The Too-Much-On-My-Plate Mom

Your mom might just be one of those who’s always a flustered soul; juggling a job, family, children, chores and everything else and failing to keep the balls rolling. Everybody’s not mentally or physically equipped to be a multi-tasker and these kinds of moms need all the help and support they can get. So, understand her plight and get her some gadgets that might help her keep track of her to-do lists. You can even pick pretty planners to help her get organized or gift a set of DVDs of her favourite movie series or TV show to help her relax at the end of the day.

Mother's Day gift Titan watch

The Perfectionist Mom

When your mother is an epitome of perfection, you can only aspire to be like her. Thanks to her particular nature and perfectionist attitude, it’s also very difficult picking the right gifts for her. A classic watch or an elegant piece of jewellery never fails to impress a classy woman like her. Anything that will help her organize – like storage containers, desk organizers, jewellery boxes, magazine holders etc. – is also a great gifting option that is sure to make her happy.

So, all you have got to do is figure out which kind of mom you are lucky to have in your life and buy her gifts accordingly! Surprise her this Mother’s Day, not only with gifts that are perfect for her, but with a warm hug and a word of thanks as well for being God’s best gift to you!




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