Okay, so blow drying your hair can be a pretty nifty option, but can there really be such a thing as too much blow-dry? Definitely.

Here are five super easy ways to style your hair, the air-dry way, no matter what your hair-type is!

Braid for Waves
If you’re looking for volumized waves, then Hairstylist Mark Townsend suggests running a palm-ful of moisturizing mousse through damp hair. This helps adding good volume to your hair, now just take your damp and moisturized hair, and tie it into a big super loose braid. You can even take the braid and roll into a bun for a little extra oomph for your waves.

Dunk that Towel
Oh you better believe it! You’d think that big ‘ol heavy towel was just what the doctor ordered, but thing again. The fibers in most towels actually leave your hair pretty frizzy and frazzled. Want to keep your hair bouncy and happy after an air-dry routine? Get yourself a high-absorbent towel for your hair.

Product. Product. Product!
This one’s a golden, girls, getting the right product for your hair could make air-drying your favorite routine! It takes a little trial and error to find the right one, but take the time, and keep some funds aside for the right product, dab the dollop full over damp, and fresh hair, and voila! You’re detangled-frizz free air-dried hair is going to be ready in a jiff.

Call it an All Nighter
Leaving your air-drying rituals for the night can be quite fun, why? Because you get to try out a bunch of styles, that’s why! Keep your damp braids on over-night, tie them up in a nice and firm bun or twist them up for those perfectly delicious, air-dried waves in the morning!

What about that Wide Tooth Though
When you’re fresh out the shower, with your hair pat down to a perfect damp, grab your wide-toothed comb, part your hair (if that’s how you want it) and get combing with a gentle stride. There’s no better, and totally natural way to detangle your hair and keep those curls fresh and bouncy when they dry.

Got more tips? Share them with us in the comments!

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