The month of February brings with it love and joy. The countdown to February 14th begins a week in advance – with each day noting a definite phase in a relationship. Valentine’s week 2022 ends on the February 14th – a day for love – when lovers make each other feel special by exchanging gifts. Trivial as the idea may be, it is the thought that counts! But before looking at ways to celebrate Valentine’s week, do you know the origin of Valentines’ Day itself?

Why is February 14th the day of love?

Saint Valentine was a priest from Rome. In the 3rd century A.D., the Roman Emperor had banned marriage, and Saint Valentine, who was against such a rule, arranged marriages in secret. He was soon caught and sentenced to death but fell in love while in jail. And so, the legend goes that on the day he was taken to be killed, he sent a letter to his lover signed “Your Valentine.”

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Few may care about the origin story behind it, but Valentine Week 2022 is a celebration that few would like to miss.

The Valentine week 2022 full list consists of 7 days of blissful happiness.


The first important date of Valentine week 2022 is February 7th, which signifies Rose Day. On this day, roses are exchanged as a token of love. While Red roses are synonymous with romantic love, there are other colours of love that can be associated with a variety of relationships. For instance, a Yellow rose may signify friendship, a White rose may mean peace, and so on.


The second day is Propose Day that comes on the February 8th. After an exchange of roses, the next step is deemed to be a proposal. Confession of one’s feelings is what marks this day out from the rest. We try to look our best as we go out for a date with our Valentine on this day. An apt wear could be a bodycon dress or a more comfortable jumpsuit – all easily available at


On February 9th comes Chocolate Day, which is meant for devouring the goodness of cocoa. If you were looking for an excuse to break your diet and eat chocolate, this day is truly for you! Gifting your loved one a variety of chocolates is a sure-shot way of pleasing them.


February 10th brings with it Teddy Day. A close second after chocolates comes teddies in the list of fool-proof gifts to give to your loved one. A soft, cuddly teddy in a variety of sizes is a common item for sale in markets. While teddy is the name, any soft toy would be a delight.


Promise Day is the next step – where lovers promise to stick with each other through thick and thin. A promise can give a seal of authority to the relationship and is a sign of maturity. Besides, a promise to spend a lifetime together is the stuff of novels!


Hug Day comes next. Sometimes, when words fall short, a hug is all it takes to relay what one feels. Be it a romantic embrace or a resolution after a fight, a hug is a solution for all! So, on this day, hug your loved one to show that they matter to you.


A day before D-Day comes Kiss Day. Kisses are a love language and can make any bond stronger. Sealing the deal with a kiss is always a great idea!


The last day of the Valentine Day 2022 date list is February 14th which is the much-awaited Valentine’s Day. While the days leading up to this day of love all seem related to a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day is meant to be cherished not only with a better half but also with any loved one in your life. Let your mom, dad, siblings and friends know that they are loved too! After all, love has no boundaries!

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