Indian winters don’t necessarily force us to bundle up in thick woolens or innumerable function-over-fashion layers. So, this is the season when guys can flaunt their dapperness quotient by embracing stylish ways of layering which serve the purpose of both functionality and fashion. A suave man’s winter wardrobe should have the right clothes and accessories to make sure that he struts his way through the cold season with swag! We share some tips and tricks for layering up fashionably this winter.




Must-have jackets

This is the season to bring out your favourite jackets and if your wardrobe doesn’t have the classic must-haves, then you need to get them now! A leather jacket is a versatile piece – it adds a rocker vibe to your outfits, be it for a road trip with friends or a Saturday night out with the girl. Denim jackets are perfect cover-ups for casual outfits. A well-tailored formal blazer can make you turn heads in the boardroom or at the office parties, while a swanky tuxedo can impress the girls at any wedding or red carpet do. A camouflage jacket or a sports jacket are also trendy add-ons that can make your winter looks more stylish.




Pile up the layers

Depending on the weather conditions around you, you can wear as many layers as you want, provided you do it in style. Make sure your visible layers are fashionable and in complementing colours or patterns as they are all, well, visible. You should always start with the lighter layers and finish off with the heaviest one. Start off with a tee, then a shirt, top it off with a cardigan or vest and finally a jacket to finish the look. Colder climes might even give you the chance to pile up a coat on top. The trick is to select layers that, when put together, provide comfort as well as aesthetic value to your outfit.

Pair complementing colours

The secret behind a well put-together colour story is to build it around one base colour. Start off with one colour and assemble the rest of your outfit in complementary hues. Choose clothing items in colours of the same family for an effortless layering style. If you want to play with contrasts, don’t choose more than two or three different shades and combine them with neutrals to balance out the look. You can mix patterns or prints, only if you know how do ace it, otherwise, play safe and pair prints with solid hues or tone on tone patterns. Look at your outfit with a critical eye once before stepping out, if any colour or pattern or garment sticks out like a sore thumb, there’s high chance that it doesn’t belong in the mix.




Ace the look with accessories

Now, even guys can jazz up their outfits with the use of the right accessories. Your winter wardrobes can be home to many stylish accessories such as scarves, mufflers, caps, gloves and warm socks. Add some winter style to your layered looks with a dapper woollen scarf or you can flaunt cool beanies for a street-chic look. Woolen socks are great accompaniments with your boots for winter holidays, while gloves come in handy in chilly weather. Accessorize smartly to make your winters more stylish.

Now that you have learnt to layer like a pro, go out and have some fashionable fun this winter! Be it at work, out chilling with friends or on vacation with family, be a layer player and turn heads in style!




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