If you’ve ever wanted to change up your image, if only for a day; the answer lies in the power of leather. Embrace leather as your new best friend and these masculine and rugged beauties will upgrade your style.
Whether you are going for the tough guy look with a leather jacket or want to just use leather as an accent for formal occasions and business meetings, here is what we recommend you get:

1.  A Leather Duffle Bag

You need to look out for a medium-sized leather duffle bag in dark leather with bronze fittings. It doesn’t get manlier than that, and it will save you the horror of assuming you are picking up a man-purse. Use this for your short vacations and work trips.

2.  A Leather Jacket

Even if you don’t own a super bike or are a bike enthusiast, you need one of these babies hanging in your closet. The best option is to go for one in black. Leather jackets with a little fabric detailing on the cuff and torso, in dark navy blue, are super stylish and will allow you to make the jacket a lot more versatile.

3.  Leather Dessert Boots

These will be your most versatile pair of shoes, ever. These lace-up boots finish just a little above the ankle and have a flat-sole. They can take you through all your dressy casual occasions no matter what style of clothes you are wearing. Pick up a pair in tan, and thank us later.

4.  A Leather Watch

While it’s great to own a few metal watches, and we hope you don’t own any Velcro watches, a leather strap watch is what a grown man needs to own and wear. To choose between a black or brown strap, take a look at your shoes and see on which end the color palette you are. If you are still unsure you could start with a brown leather watch.

5.  Leather Dress Shoes

You probably own a shrine of black shoes, but what you really need in your closet are brown leather dress shoes. And yes, they are as versatile as your black shoes. They will pair with all your navy blue’s, khakis and greys. The colors we are pretty sure your wardrobe is bursting with.

Leather is a timeless material which symbolises style and sophistication. And it looks pretty darn good too!

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