Losing weight without having to give up on desserts is every woman’s fantasy. If you are one of those foodies who have a pretty tough time to let go of her favorite chocolates and cheese, well there are ways of getting fit, without having to count your calories! If you are dreading the very thought of having to hit the gym, then why don’t you opt for running? Get exposed to the benefits that running will embark on your health and body. And if this isn’t enough to convince you, then Kappa has come out with their all-new sports bra, made of a great new fabric – Kooltex, which is designed to make staying fit easing and better. So, get set and run towards a healthier life in your new favorite activewear!

Health Game On point

Needless to say, running improves your health in the best way possible and affects different parts of the body in a positive way. For instance, it helps to increase the functioning and capacity of your lungs as well as raises the level of good cholesterol in your body. Also, a runner’s strong, toned legs are anything but weak and running increases both the bone density and the strength of your ligaments and tendons. It also helps to keep your blood pressure in the range of normalcy (until something happens to your favorite running shoes). So, keep those footwear fine, and all other worries are to be taken care of by your sports bra. It’s the perfect thing to be worn during runs as Kooltex absorbs all the sweat and helps it to evaporate from the surface in quick time, thus giving you a fresh feeling even after a long run!

Weight Control Is The Key

Well, it’s not a surprise if we say that running burns mega calories and can help you get rid of all those unwanted flabs. But most importantly, it helps to maintain a consistent weight and allows you to not gain those extra calories, even if you are having a cheat day at lunch. Going on a run can surely help to balance out a rich and unhealthy meal, though it doesn’t mean that every day can be a cheat day. Running is actually regarded as the second most effective exercise on grounds of calories burned per minute. The new Kappa sports bras are made of Kooltex, which is a skin-friendly fabric as no chemicals are used to attain the finished product, and hence they are perfect for a calorie-burning, long run.

Immune Goals Achieved

Running is actually a great way of building up your immune system as it lowers the risk for developing blood clots or boosts up your tolerance to germs and diseases. For women, running significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Doctors today make it a point to prescribe running for the early stage patients of diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. It helps to strengthen the overall immune system, and keeps you healthy and glowing for a longer time. So go on a run every morning and don’t worry about the right kind of clothes to wear. Your reliable Kappa sports bra, with its fibrous form, ensures that it’s never going to wear out no matter how many washes you subject it to.

Stress Reliever

Nothing can soothe your nerves than a good, long run. We know when you are depressed or in a bad mood, the last thing you want to do is go on a run but trust us, it will do your mind & body some much-needed good. Medically speaking, your brains will secrete hormones like serotonin when you run, that automatically work on improving and relaxing your mood. Also, stress leads to a loss of appetite and sleep deficit, but running actually forces your body to secrete excess energy and hormones that will help you eat and sleep better. And though we know that all that running will make you sweat tons too, your new sports bra from Kappa, made with Kooltex, will help to absorb all those sweat stains in no time, even under light colored clothes.

So, now you see running isn’t just a way of getting into shape but it can literally benefit every part of your body and lift up your mood at the same time. Ditch the gym, go for runs and set your spirit free as you embark on a journey towards a fitter & healthier life! The new sports bras from Kappa, made from the super-cool new fabric Kooltex, will help make these runs comfortable & easy. So, head over to your nearest Lifestyle store or online to pick these new babies up, and don’t forget to check out the amazing discounts going on at the Lifestyle Sale as well!

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