Make-up, undoubtedly, is every woman’s best friend and among the vast variety of makeup available in the market, each of us have our favorites. But there’s a separate importance of the essentials and a separate excitement of the wish-listed products. Even if you are not a make-up maverick, the basic essentials are something every woman needs in their life. Here are some of the make-up must-haves which makes every woman’s life (and vanity pouch) complete.

Lips don’t lie

No woman can ever have enough lipsticks and finding that perfect shade of lipcolor is a forever kind of quest. But with the invention of matte lipsticks, life seems to have gotten a whole lot easier. They are transfer-proof, easy to apply, stay for longer hours AND they have amazing shades to choose from. With such an all-in-one package, it’s quite difficult to stick to old-school, non-matte ones right?

Eye see you

Eyes are the most expressive features of your face and deserve to be highlighted with the help of amaze eye products. Eye-liners are basically every woman’s go-to options and soon there comes a time when people mistake your no-kajal day to be a sick day. That’s how important eye-liners are, and an upgraded water-proof version of it is basically an answer to all your make-up prayers. It will stay on for all day, no matter how sweaty or rainy the climate you may face, and hence, no panda-eyes!

Rosy cheeks

Blushes are basically, your saviours on days you want to add that extra tinge of color and rosiness to your face. They help to pep up even the dullest of days and can take you from drab to fab in minutes. Just get hold of a peach-pinkish shade of powder blush and you are sorted for all kinds of occasions – be it a movie date with the guy or a family dinner or even a cocktail party! This versatile blush will be your best friend and a few swipes of it will be all that you need to get that happy, rosy glow on your face.

The everyday palette

Eye-shadow palettes are multi-purpose glam make-up must-haves and sometimes they even double-up as blushes or powder contour products. But for an everyday office or college look, nudes are all that you need. The perfect nude palette has all the beige-y, brown-y shades with some black or grey ones, perfect for us to create that soft smoke-y look or an all-nude look. If you can get your hands on such a palette, then you are sorted for most of your eye-shadow game!

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