World Cup season is high on energy and with men rooting for the different teams, it’s as exciting as if they are playing on the field themselves. The semi-finals are already here and the nail-biting climax, that is the world cup finale, is as near as Sunday! So, it’s the perfect time to plan the best ever FIFA game night at your place and with the arrangements on point, it will surely be the greatest night of the year spent with friends & family!

Theme it Up

Well, the theme of the night being the FIFA World Cup, why not set the mood even better by making the guests feel “at field”? Get football merchandise for decoration in order to make the atmosphere more game-worthy. Whether you bleed blue for France or white for England, decorate the room in colors of the teams in the form of cushion covers, mats, drapes or even crockery. You can even set a dress code for the invitees telling them to come to the party wearing the jerseys of their favourite team. That’s going to make the party come even more alive, as you root for your favourite teams while enjoying the nail-biting games!

Dress The Part

To show love and support to your favorite team, why not go that extra mile and don your team’s jersey and cheer them on like a true football fan. Now you can get your hands on your team’s jerseys from Kappa’s new FIFA collection of themed jerseys, available on the Lifestyle website and in stores! Even if your favorite team is out of the season, you can pick your side from the Semi-Final teams like France or England and root for them as they fight for a place in the finals. And needless to say, the polos or tees inspired by FIFA, that Kappa has to offer, are high on style and coolness quotient. So, they can be sported as casual attire later too – from gyms to movie outings to coffee with friends!

Food First

Well, what’s a game night without munchies to snack on? Prepare a thoughtful menu of finger food, snacks and drinks for your guests as cheering can’t be done wearing Kappa Jerseys on an empty stomach. A successful game night calls for small bites that guests can grab in between concentrating on the match. You can rustle up your very own potato chips bar having a variety of potato chips with different dips, flavours or toppings. You can even go for fried food such as French fries, chicken popcorns, kebabs, tikka, pakora etc. or ready-to-eat munchies such as roasted cashews, namkeen mixtures or nuts for quick bites between goals.  For dinner, things that can be passed around such as pizza slices or burgers will be much appreciated as they can be had without interrupting the game. Also, serve ice-cold drinks such as refreshing juices, lemonades, soft-drinks, punches for a refreshing night with your best buddies!

All About The Atmosphere

A FIFA World Cup game night is incomplete without a large-screen high definition LED/LCD TV and if you have been thinking about upgrading your home entertainment system, this is the time to do it. You can also connect some powerful stereo or speakers that will transport you and guests straight to the stadium. Make sure the seating arrangement is comfortable for the guests, having ample of space on the couches, floor cushions, bean bags and chairs. Also, as photographs and selfies are bound to be a highlight of the evening, make sure to have some android or iOS chargers in handy for your guests or enough plug points as discovering a low battery in times of need is anything but fun. Also, keep hand washes, hand sanitizers, tissue papers, paper towels handy so that your friends or family don’t get that dripping pizza sauce or mayo on their favorite Kappa Jerseys.

So, gear up for an exciting game night with your friends, cousins, neighbors or even colleagues. Flaunt your team colors on your Kappa FIFA-themed jersey and have a fun night! After the successful party, you can definitely reward yourself with some sale shopping as Lifestyle brings to you trendy fashion at upto 50% off – both at stores and online!

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