Someone had rightly said, ‘The way you dress says a lot about you’. It has been proved more than once how the world’s most powerful women use fashion to highlight their glowing selves. The way you dress is like an unspoken language that speaks loud about your personality. So, it’s no wonder that power dressing is a big part of the working woman’s wardrobe! Modern day power dressing is all about playing with silhouettes, neutral shades and structured dressing, tailored to perfection. Like they say, “Don’t dress for the position you have, dress for the position you want to have” and that’s exactly the underlying emotion under the concept of power dressing. Here’s a rundown on how this genre of fashion came into being and its journey over the years.

Once Upon A Time                  

Born in the latter half of the 1970s and developed in the 1980s, this fashion trend is all about authoritative dressing and power. It came about in the US when John T. Malloy brought out manuals, “The Women’s Dress for Success” which basically meant a masculine sense of fashion that would help women to acquire respect and authority at work. But in the correct sense, this portrayal of power through fashion has its origin in the Chanel suit of the 1920s which was an essential turning point in the history of women’s fashion. It had both elements of masculine authority as well as feminism and sophistication, allowing the women to have a more powerful appearance so as to be accepted as equals to men in the professional sphere.

The Evolution

In the mid-1980s, Donna Karen gave her own touch to a power suit with features such as soft-shouldered jackets, cashmere knits, ballerina skirts, stretchy body suits and cold-shoulder cut-outs. Then came the grunge era, when designers Helmut Lang and Jill Sander blurred the lines between masculinity and feminism, and the suit started to become trendier. Phoebe Philo then showed her cerebral and fierce sense of fashion with carelessly saggy pants and fur lined Birkenstocks embodying the smart and ambitious attitude of women. Marc Jacobs has his line of re-thinked 90s suits with oversized and slouchy silhouettes. Stella McCartney is yet another genius behind this revolution with a fabulous collection of suits and tuxedo dresses that can make women feel empowered and ready to conquer the world in style!

Modern Take

Power dressing for women has undergone various evolutions and developments, leading to modern versions of it today rocked by successful women all over the globe. Initially the female body was divided into two parts, an upper jacket to toughen up the look and a lower skirt as a feminine reminder. Prints such as polka dots, hounds tooth and pinstripes made the cut in colors like blue, black, navy and grey. Today, the power dressing palette is even more spread out and diverse, and you can experiment to your heart’s content. Be it a well-fitted blazer or a pant-suit or a silk shirt or pumps or a black midi pencil skirt or a structured jumpsuit or tailored culottes, it’s all about a crisp and clean look that you can wear to work to show who’s the boss!

Style Story

If you are one of those women who like to keep the world on the tips of their Louboutins, or conquer the world with their talent, charm, smile and undaunted attitude; well, power dressing is the way to go for you! Pairing tailored high-waist trousers with a tucked in pastel shirt, a smart blazer and snakeskin pumps is going to take you a long way. You can even go for a silk shirt, scarf around the collar, finished off with structured culottes and suede mules. Checked or pinstriped pant-suits paired with kitten heels, pearl necklaces or solitaires and dainty watches are another great way of impressing your colleagues at work. Take over the corporate world in dainty floral dresses, block heels & a structured bag, for a modern take on power dressing!

These were some of the power-packed style statements that the women of today can sport at the workplace. Ladies are in no matter behind men, as they continue to strive towards success with their charm, style & talent. Head to your nearest Lifestyle store or website, and give your work-wear wardrobe a power boost as you set out on this empowering journey, that too by taking home the coolest power pieces from Code by Lifestyle at upto 50% off!

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