dual rim sunglasses

As the sun is growing stronger over our heads and the temperatures are soaring sky-high, it’s time to bring out our favorite summer accessories – the sunglasses. This season sees the advent of a new breed of sunnies – the dual rim glasses – that are as trendy as they are versatile. With not one, but two rims bordering the lens, this style adds twice the stylish punch to your summer looks! This cool style of shades can be worn everywhere – from work to casual outings to the most happening parties! So, needless to say, you must get your hands on a pair of dual rim sunglasses this season! Here’s what to keep in mind while buying the trendiest shades right now.

Shape shifter

The first and most important thing to check, while picking a pair of sunglasses, is whether the shape suits your face or not. Dual rim glasses not only come in various shapes and sizes, but sometimes the outer rim is a bit larger than the inner rim, so trying out a pair is the best way to determine whether it’ll look good on you. If you have a round face, then go for wayfarer or aviator styles, while those with long, angular faces can pick round glasses or oversized shapes. Choose a shape that complements not only your face structure, but also your stylish outfits, and you’ve got a winner!

Color story

What’s summer without some colors? When you are going about dressing up in the most vibrant of hues, why should your sunglasses be far behind? The season’s trending dual rim glasses come in a myriad shades – from blues & greens to metallic & neutrals. Opt for colors that complement your skin tone and give your summer outfits a trendy style upgrade. You can flaunt a pair of blue lens-ed dual rim clubmasters with a tropical print dress and acheterdufrance.com wedges on a day out with friends. Men can go for dual rim reflective aviators in metallic hues with a polo tee & linen shorts for a laid-back Sunday brunch look!

Where to wear

While picking sunglasses for the season ahead, you must keep in mind the occasions or places you plan to sport them to! You should go for a smart, classy pair of black or grey dual rim wayfarers to wear with your suave formals and brave the sun on your way to work. For that much-awaited road trip on the next long weekend, get yourself a pair of brown-tinted dual rim aviators to pair with your graphic tees, denim shorts & sneakers. A day at the music festival will call for boho chic round-shaped dual rim shades, while a lunch date with that special someone is the ideal time to flaunt a pair of oversized dual rim sunnies!

Protection please

When it is all about braving the scorching sun, you need to make sure your accessories have the necessary capability of keeping those harmful UV rays at bay, right? You must go for dual rim glasses that have proper UV protection and preferably polaroid lenses that help protect your eyes against the strong rays of the sun. Reflective lenses are also a great way of looking dapper while keeping your eyes safe from the blazing ball of fire over your head. So, read the fine print before buying and choose wisely!

Give your sunglasses collection a trendy update with these new styles of must-have summer accessories! Jump on the trend bandwagon and flaunt the dual-rim shades in all their glory wherever you go this season!




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