The nip in the air, the chance to flaunt stylish layers, the numerous picnics & parties and the steaming mugs of hot chocolate might make winter your favourite season; but the cold weather can be harsh on your delicate skin. Even though you might pile up clothes on your body, your face and hands are generally exposed and are vulnerable to the drying effect of the cold weather. Hence, caring for your skin is very important during the colder months of the year – after all, you need to look radiant & glowing at the year-end parties.



Maximum moisturizing

Moisturizing is the most important mantra for skincare during winter. The more you moisturize, the more your skin will be soft, supple & healthy. It’s better if you clear away all dead cells from the surface by using a gentle scrub before applying hydrating moisturizer on your hand, feet & body. Always try to smooth on the moisturizer on slightly damp skin, so that the lotion can lock in the moisture without letting the skin dry up. It’s preferable to use an oil-based moisturizer for winter as the oil creates a protective layer on your skin and stops excessive drying.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Thought sunscreen was only your summertime BFF? You couldn’t be more wrong. Sunscreens are a must during winter too! The winter sun gives off harsh UV rays and can be damaging to your skin if you don’t slather on the sunscreen before stepping out. Re-apply at regular intervals for best results. You can also opt for a moisturizing sunscreen that will protect your skin from both the sun & the dryness.



Show your lips some love

The winter weather affects your puckers adversely, making them dry & chapped. You need to take special care to keep your lips soft, smooth & moisturized. Choose from among the varieties of lip balms available in the market, but keep in mind to check the quality, ingredients & effectiveness of the product as lips are a sensitive part of your body. Apply lip balm religiously throughout the day to ensure that your lips are not dry at any time. Also, use lipsticks that moisturize for the perfect pout even during winter!


Fend for your feet

Ditch the summertime foot lotions for stronger foot creams during the winter. The cold & dry weather tends to crack up your heels and roughen up your feet. Creams that contain glycerine or petroleum jelly are very effective on dry feet and are must-haves in your cosmetics kit. Exfoliate the dead cells from time to time and don’t forget to pile on the moisturizer at night before going to sleep for soft, healthy feet.



Drink up

They say you can never drink too much water and they are right. Water is the answer to most of your skin & health worries. If you drink enough water throughout the day, not only will you have glowing skin, but a healthy body too. Winter is a dry season and we need to take care to keep the body & skin hydrated at all times with proper fluid intake at regular intervals. After all, water isn’t synonymous with Life for nothing.

So, brave the winter months and care for your skin intensely so that you can turn heads wherever you go or shine out in style in the party crowd!




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