We can’t think of summer without the classy appeal of white clothes that can take us anywhere – from work to casual outings to even parties! White makes up a huge part of your summer wardrobes, but keeping them spotless is a task in itself! Sometimes, despite your love for whites, you refrain from buying white clothes in the fear of maintaining them. Worry not! Here’s a handy guide on how to keep your white clothes pristine, so that you can flaunt them, not only in summer, but all year long!

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Take care while they are on

The very thought of an all-white look with neutral or colourful accessories take us to a summer-lovin’ mode. But, be careful while flaunting white clothes so that you don’t get unnecessary dirt or stain on them which can be a pain to remove later. When you are wearing white, take care to not lean against walls or touch surfaces that might not be clean. Try to avoid crowded places as your clothes might catch a stain from someone else or just give you sweat marks as you jostle for space.

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Wash them separately

The most important thumb rule to caring for white clothes is to separate them before washing, and that too, by fabrics. Linens & cottons can be washed together (but only whites), while silks, crepes or georgettes are best dry-cleaned. It’s advisable to wash white clothes in warm water and using soft detergent. If you have stains on any of your clothes, pre-treat them before washing by scrubbing the stained area with a liquid detergent & old toothbrush. Read the garment labels before washing for any specific instruction for handling that particular kind of fabric.

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Add brighteners while washing

Over time & use, whites tend to get discoloured or lose their shine. You can use whiteners or brighteners while washing your whites to keep them vibrant & pristine. A mixture of lemon juice, vinegar & hydrogen peroxide can help keep your whites bright; or you can go for store-bought whiteners too. You can also add commercial bleaches while washing, but depending upon the fabric being washed.

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Store them well

Your white clothes are some of the most sensitive inmates of your closet, so you have to take care while storing them. It’s best to have one shelf or drawer only for the whites, so that there’s no risk of your clothes catching stains or colour from any other garment. Either hang them on clean hangers, or fold them and put them in muslin bags before storing on shelves to reduce chances on unwanted stains. You can also put a mothball near your whites inside the wardrobe to keep them moisture-free & fresh.

So, stop worrying and go, get yourself the white dress you were eyeing at the store! Now you can flaunt beautiful whites all you want and keep them spotless for a long time too!




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