Halloween or All-Saint’s Day is observed on the 31st of October every year by Christians as well as non-Christians all over the world and is dedicated to remembering the dead. It’s originally a festival of western culture but its celebrations have spread to India too in recent times. The western people celebrate this holiday by going “Trick or Treat”-ing, attending Halloween parties, carving pumpkins into “Jack-o-lanterns”, lighting bonfires, playing apple bobbing games, visiting churches and lighting candles on the graves of dear ones. If you want to celebrate a great and fun Halloween in India this year, here are some brilliant ways to do so.

Halloween party food

Party spirit

Hosting a Halloween themed party may be a lot of work but is also one of the craziest and best things to do on this day. Do up your house in decorations like fake cobwebs, orange and black streamers, stuffed witches, hanging skeletons, Jack-o’-Lanterns and a lot more. If you want to go that extra mile, you can allocate one room as the ‘room of horrors’ which can have fake body parts and scary models hanging from the ceiling. Dry ice will give a foggy effect while an eerie music can be played in the background. Decorate the food and drinks in Halloween style like cookies shaped as gory monsters or cupcakes with blood-like jam oozing out. Put the cocktail or punch in a ‘cauldron’ look-a-like vessel. Your guests will love it as they throng around the house in spooky costumes & make-up. For the ones who are not so sure about hosting the party, you should definitely attend one happening at a friend’s place or at any of the clubs in town!

Halloween sleepover

Spooky sleepover

Organizing a sleepover with your best friends always sounds like a good idea right? Well, it’s a perfect idea for Halloween too. Stock up on all those horror movie DVDs and story books to scare the wits out of each other. Decorate your room with candles and dim lights for that spooky feel & load up on the candies and popcorn. Girls can do each other’s scary makeovers and have a fun selfie session at midnight. Board games like Ouija make the Halloween night even more memorable. Binge-watch horror flicks back-to-back to spend a thrilling Halloween night with your friends!

Halloween haunted places

Haunted hangout

Want to experience a spine-chilling Halloween night? Dare to do something ultra-scary? Well, just get your gang together and set out on a night of spooky adventure. Visit some old graveyard or a renowned decades-old haunted house. You could also visit multiple haunted places famous for their legendary stories. Walking through those dark, ancient corridors or reading the epitaphs on the moonlit night gives you a different kind of spooky feel altogether. If you are the ‘prankster’ of your group, you are sure to have some pranks up your sleeve for the special night. Make sure there are enough people as this is a ‘more the merrier’ kind of a plan and strictly prohibited for the faint-hearted!

Halloween camping trip

Creepy camping trips

Going on a road trip with your friends or cousins sure sounds like fun right? Well, it’s all the more exciting when you do it on an occasion as eerie as Halloween. Decide a place amongst the woods or on a lonely hilltop. Light a huge bonfire and set up tents all around it. Enjoy hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows to get that camping feel & share the most haunted stories and legends in turn to make it a thrilling night. The eerie atmosphere and the nightly sounds of insects will surely add to the drama of the ambience.

So, we bet these ideas have already got you all pumped up and excited for tonight. What are you waiting for? Plan a super-scary night ahead and have a happy Halloween!






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