With all the good intentions of new year’s resolutions, how could we forget new year skin care routine resolutions. Caring for your skin well won’t just pay off in the short term, but you will notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels as you age too. What better reason to take proper care of your skin now? While it may not be easy to stay consistent with your skincare routine, now’s the time to pen down a commitment to make sure you see it through till the end.

These easy-to-implement skincare tips, including using sunscreen daily and sleeping better, will have an impact on your skin as well as your overall health. Better health is something we can all get behind! So here are some skincare tips for 2023:

Audit your collection

Before buying anything new, your first step should be going through your existing collection. Pay close attention to expiry dates and get rid of any old products because using expired products may further cause problems to your skin. While looking at product labels, it’s always a good idea to ensure the products you have are suitable for your skin. If you’ve bought anything on a whim, this is your chance to toss them out so you can replace them with the best skincare products for your skin type.

Once you’ve noted down your skincare routine, list products you may need to buy in the new year.

Make SPF a must

What’s perhaps one of the most significant elements of a good skincare routine, sun protection is quite often overlooked. Most people assume sunscreen is only needed during the summer or on sunny days. But the truth is sun protection is a must all year round. Although you may not be able to feel the sun’s heat, harmful UV rays reach your skin even on the cloudiest days. UV rays are responsible for a wide range of skin problems, including sunburn, wrinkles, skin ageing and even cancer. This is why it is important to shield your skin from the sun any time you are outdoors. Invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen and ensure you spread a generous layer over any exposed skin before heading out.

Mask up regularly

One of your new year skin care routine resolutions should be to apply facial masks every week. Masks come with a plethora of benefits and are infused with the goodness of a variety of vitamins and minerals essential for your skin’s well-being. It’s also a chance to rid the top layer of your skin of any makeup, oil, dirt or dead skin cell build-up, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

You can choose from various facial masks, depending on your skin type and what benefit you’re looking for. For example, some masks focus on exfoliation and skin brightening, while others provide deep hydration and improve skin elasticity.

Make beauty sleep a habit

It’s no secret that adequate sleep does wonders for the body. Did you know it can help your skin too? While you sleep, your body repairs itself, which includes your skin. Skin cells renew themselves during this time and repair any damage caused by external factors. Sleep also lowers your cortisol levels (the stress hormone), reducing inflammation seen in acne and puffiness around the eyes. Increased blood flow and increased collagen production are all reasons why beauty sleep is real, making it one of the most important resolution for 2023!

Be makeup-free before bed

As much as it may be a hassle to have an elaborate skincare routine before going to bed, removing makeup is one thing you should make a habit. For many reasons, leaving makeup on through the night is bad for your skin. Firstly, makeup clogs the pores, trapping oil in the pores, which leads to irritation and breakouts. Residual makeup also collects oil and dirt from your surroundings, sticking these unwanted substances to your skin, leading to irritation, rashes and poor skin health. Lastly, makeup traps dead cells on the surface of your skin, slowing down the skin turnover process, which ultimately causes a dull complexion and uneven texture. You can avoid all this by gently cleaning your skin with a makeup remover before bedtime.

Pay attention to skin problems

If you’re wondering, “how can I change my skin care routine in 2023?” here’s one way to do it. Instead of avoiding any problems till you’re forced to treat them, pay closer attention to how your skin looks and feels. It’s natural for the skin to change through the year and as we age. You will notice that your skin looks and feels healthier on some days more than others. But you can minimise breakouts, inflammation and other skin problems by catching them right away.

See a specialist

If you are unable to manage your skincare by yourself, it may be a good idea to see a skincare specialist. They will be able to guide you on lifestyle changes, which skincare products are best suited to you and how best to manage your condition. Some conditions, such as Psoriasis, premature skin ageing, acne or skin infections, are better treated by a professional. So don’t lose hope if your skincare routine isn’t working! There is always a way to get clear, healthy skin.

Get active

This is not just one of the skincare tips for 2023 but is great for your overall health too. There’s no doubt that exercising is great for the body. When it comes to your skin, exercise increases blood flow, nourishing your skin with fresh blood and vital nutrients. It’s also a great way to detox the body, flushing out toxins which allow your body to repair itself better. Exercise also improves the body’s immune response to stress, lowering your risk of skin conditions.

Choose skin-friendly makeup

Whether you follow a minimalist skincare routine or you have a long list of products you use, skin-friendly makeup is the best skincare product you can opt for! Skin-friendly makeup is made using natural ingredients that let your skin breathe, are hypoallergenic and don’t cause damage to the skin. It’s always important to check the labels for ingredients that are bad for the skin and cause irritation, drying or fatigue. You can take it a step further by looking for cruelty-free and vegan brands for an all-round solution to skin-friendly and planet-friendly makeup.

Remember consistency is key

Although it may be hard to stick to all your new year’s resolutions, good skincare is about more than just following the best skincare trends in 2023. It is tempting to expect results instantly, but good-looking, healthy skin comes with time and patience. Most products and effective routines take time to show results, and if you want them to last in the long run, you should stick to them as religiously as you can. It is essential to find products that work for your skin, create a daily routine (AM and PM) and follow it daily. It’s okay to change your routine once in a while or give your skin a break, but consistency will get you the desired results.

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