The punk trend started its real journey from the 70s and since then, even though it has undergone many modifications and twists, it still continues to be a much-talked-about genre of fashion. It’s a trend which follows no rules and definitely isn’t anywhere near the mainstream choice. If it makes your mother furrow her brows, if it makes juniors look at you in awe for your boldness, if all the people on the street give you enough stares, well then you are carrying your punk look just right. Punk has always been in and out of fashion, and this head-turning trend is back again this season to give your style sensibility a chic upgrade!

Punk black booties shoes

A for accessories

If you want to go the safe way, at the start of your punk journey, then accessories are going to be your partner in crime. You can add touches of bold statement in your outfit with the help of black Doc Martens, studded belts, animal print bags, military boots or spiked bracelets. You can also add some punk-chic with leather studded backpacks or spiked headbands and metallic combat boots or skull necklaces. Black is the color of choice for this trend, but since it’s not the same as Goth or Emo, you can throw in other colors preferably bright ones like neon orange, green, pink etc.

Go all the way

This is when you feel you are ready to take the plunge and go for an all-punk look. Punk outfits are all about layering and pairing things which are poles apart from each other but that’s what makes this trend different, right? For a trendy punk look, you can go for a loose tee with a denim spiked jacket on top and a plaid skirt. Pair these with fishnet stockings, knee-length socks and leather boots. You can also go for feather earrings or a spiked headband and grab eyeballs with your bold fashion statement.

Punk trend AW 16

Just Jackets

The punk trend is incomplete without its wide range of signature jackets in their signature fabrics. Starting from leather jackets to studded denim jackets to plaid jackets to quilted jackets to bomber jackets, the punk trend is defined by all. Just layer up your denim & tee outfit with your favourite studded denim jacket for a cool look or add a touch of boldness to your feminine lace dress with a cropped leather jacket & booties. So next time you feel like trying the punk look, just go for the right jacket and you’ll nail the trend.

Power of punk

Punk is a lot more than just punk clothes and accessories and it’s not an easy task to pull off the punk vibes. Body piercings, glitter, tattoos have been a part of the punk culture and people have experimented with it since decades. If you don’t have one (or more) tattoo already, it’s time to get inked! Choose a design that represents your personality and take the plunge. The punk trend also lets you go crazy with hairstyles – be it sporting whacky colors or asymmetric haircuts.

black & gold punk trend

Leather love

Leather, as we know, is the punk trend’s signature fabric and a must-have in various forms in your wardrobe this season. Pairing up plaid trousers or ripped denims with a vintage tee or a mesh top and a leather jacket is perfect way to embrace this trend. Accesorize such a look with a pair of doc martens, metal chains as a belt and spiked jewellery for the ultimate rock-star touch. You can also add a floral bag if you want a girly touch to your otherwise hardcore punk look.

Remember, while going the punk way, if you like a certain look and someone else doesn’t, then you might be doing it just right! This trend lets you go all out and experiment, unleashing your bold side like never before! At the end of the day it’s your call and you are all free to try your very own punk-chic look.

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