Gone are the days when only thin girls had all the fun. It’s definitely the time to flaunt those curves and let those compliments pour in. No matter how curvy or not curvy you are, you should remember size is just a number and you should be confident in your skin, no matter what you are wearing. Curvy girls are god should definitely be upping their style game this season with trendy clothes from Nexus by Lifestyle. It’s the time to bid goodbye to baggy clothes and don the coolest dresses that will underplay your not-so-confident areas and accentuate your strong points. Here’s how to pick that perfect dress for your body type and step out in style!

Color Choice

All colors may look good on the rainbow, but when it comes to choosing the correct color for yourself, you need to make some serious fashion choices. Choosing the perfect dress for yourself requires much effort and involves finding flattering shades that will make you look like the belle of the ball. Ever wonder why black is a universally-loved color? Well dark colors downplay the heavy areas of the body making you look slimmer, and black being the ultimate neutral, it in no ways clashes with the undertones of your skin colour. You can also go for bright colors like yellow or pink, just make sure to incorporate a sleek, dark coloured belt at the waist which will both de-emphasize the waist as well as make the torso look longer.

Favorite Fit

The fit of any dress – be it on any body type having any types of curves, apple, pear, hour-glass – is the most important factor in any outfit and can make or break an otherwise perfect outfit in no time. If you are curvy, choose semi-fitted dresses that softly follow your curves and doesn’t cling onto your body. If you are bottom heavy, choose a silhouette that will draw attention to your waist but go for a straight fit if you are heavy mid-section. The old rule of bigger the better doesn’t apply when it comes to oversized or baggy clothes for you. You need to show off those amazing curves if you don’t want to end up looking like a sack in shapeless or oversized dresses. Go for fabrics that give the perfect amount of stretch without riding up or looking too snug, and you are sorted!

Style Game

Want to score full points with your ‘dressy’ move? Well, all you need to do is choose the correct style and silhouettes of dresses that will flatter your body shape like no other. Being a curvy girl, you need to choose A-line dresses that that are made out of sturdier fabrics like cotton, denim, rayon or polyester as these retain the shape and structure of the dress without clinging on like satin and chiffon does.  Peplum dresses or cinched-at-the-waist maxi dresses also help make your waist look narrow, but make sure the dress is longer or midi-length for a balanced look. Try on different styles of dresses to get an idea about which silhouettes complement your body the most, so that even when shopping online, you know which style to pick.

Boss Brand

Not all brands are as efficient in providing you with the perfect dress for your curves as Nexus by Lifestyle. You can choose from multiple styles and designs that will flatter your assets in the best way. Straight dresses are perfect for all curvy or apple-shaped girls. For all of you who have broader hips than shoulders, off shoulders and cold-shoulders are the ones for you. You can even go for hi-low skater dresses that will highlight your best features and prints like small floral, vertical stripes or diagonals make your body shape look taller and slimmer. You will get all of these and even more in plus sized collection by Nexus, available in all Lifestyle stores and website.

So, these are some of the major criteria that you need to keep in mind before picking out a dress perfect for your curves. Any piece that even gets half your check list ticked deserves a place in your wardrobe. So head over to Lifestyle today to get your hands on the perfect dress, maybe even at up to 50% off at the Lifestyle Sale! Don’t forget that curves are beautiful and so are you!


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