We all have the mandatory habit of spraying ourselves with our favourite perfume before stepping out of the house, sometimes even when we are inside, just for the feel of it. Your signature fragrance goes on to become your identity and your close ones can know you by that smell even they can’t see you. But the kind of fragrance you choose to sprinkle on yourself depends on your taste, choice & characteristics. Here’s a quick guide on which kind of scent suits your personality.

Titan Skinn women's perfume

For the elegant, classy lady

You are an epitome of class, style & feminine grace. You carry yourself beautifully and your elegant sensibilities make you stand out in the crowd. The perfect perfume for you would be one with strong top notes and a soft, feminine undertone. Go for sparkly, citrusy top notes like lemons & patchouli with a luxurious base of sensual essential oils like rose & jasmine. A dab of such a perfume will perfectly complement your classy LBD & heels look!

Titan Skinn men's perfume

For the suave, charismatic man

A well-groomed man who is confident in himself and carries himself in style, often oozes unavoidable charm & charisma. Such a man is inclined to pick a strong fragrance with spicy & woody notes to enhance the magnetism of his power. Crisp notes of leather, praline & vanilla with citrusy hints of grapefruit add a fresh, sensual touch to his confident personality.

Titan Skinn women's perfume

For the dreamy, bohemian woman

Many of you are known for your dreamy, eclectic & carefree nature. You are exquisite in your own way – creative, romantic & unique. The scent of your soul smells of sweet jasmine & tube rose with base notes of mild sandalwood & white musk. You will love juicy fragrances of pears & peaches with flowery tones that will add the right dose of playfulness to your exotic personality. Splash on some with your boho chic look and you’ll make a head-turning appearance wherever you go!

Titan Skinn men's perfume

For the competitive, sporty dude

All you guys out there flaunting a confident winning streak, need a fragrance that’s powerful, masculine & bold. Strong top notes provide a burst of energy with woody base notes boosting your sporty spirit. A touch of such perfumes rightly complement your smart, athleisure outfits with their invigorating smell that empowers your strong personality & helps you win every time!

Titan Skinn women's perfume

For the desi-at-heart, ethnic diva

Indian women are an epitome of beauty, grace & simplicity. Your rooted nature and soft, sensual personality makes you universally loved & adored. A fresh fragrance with flowery notes accentuates your quintessentially Indian personality. Think top notes of flowers with a light woody undertone of Sandalwood that will be the perfect accompaniment to your ethnic outfits – be it casual daywear or heavier occasionwear.

Let a whiff of your signature fragrance announce your arrival wherever you go. Wear perfumes that complement your personality and it’ll take your style quotient up several notches. It’s time to jazz up your smell tale!




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