In today’s time, we can safely say that we have entered a golden era for men’s office clothing. Many workplaces have adapted to a flexible attitude in case of dress codes. This has made the corporate world a much more stylish place than before. But even though the days of a black suit, shirt and tie every day may be long gone, there are still codes that need to be followed. Read on to know all about how to jazz up the office dress code and nail your work-wear every single day!

Men's formal wear dress code

Formal force

We all can’t help but agree how ravishing and smart a man looks in a suit. A three-piece suit consisting of the suit jacket, the trousers and the waistcoat spells nothing but business. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a black tie and you are all set to impress whosoever comes your way. You can also go for a pastel-hued shirt and sport it with a tie in small polkas or plaid for a suave twist to your formal outfit. Accessories like cuff-links and smart watches elevate the formal look further. Also, misjudgement in the shoe style or color can completely ruin the look, if not paired perfectly. So do go for appropriate formal shoes like oxfords or derbies with your suit and remember, black for black, brown for beige suits and either brown or black for greys and navys.

Men's semi-formal wear dress code

Semi-formal swag

Semi-formal attires are somewhere between decorous and relaxed, and are the perfect way of experimenting even with dress code boundaries. One thumb rule of the semi-formal look is that you should go for the 2-piece suit look with only the jacket and the trousers. Leave the waistcoat and even the tie at home and opt for bright-hued shirts. You can go for a herringbone or hounds tooth patterned single breasted jacket and keep the rest of the outfit simple. You can sometimes ditch the suit for a striped or checked shirt & flat-front trousers look. Make sure to match your socks to your pants and belts to your shoes (preferably) i.e. loafers or brogues to give the perfect finishing touch to your semi-formal look.

Men's business casual wear dress code

Not-so-boring business casuals

Even though the name sounds like an oxymoron, this kind of dress code is like a blessing in disguise for all those who hate the limitations of formal dressing. Maintaining a smart and streamlined look, even while going for casual pieces is the key to dressing for office in the modern day. One of the pioneer steps is to substitute your suit jacket for a blazer or experiment in fabrics like corduroy or linen. Also, instead of the predictable straight-cut office trousers go for comfier chinos and ditch the button down shirts for brighter colored polo tees or fitted crew neck t-shirts. Layer them up with summer blazers or maybe a plaid or a cotton jacket from a suit and complete it with chinos and moccasins or monk straps. This will add an element of informality but also keep the professional core intact.

So whatever the dress code or the ambience of your workplace, you are all set to rock and roll in office wear with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Mix & match and experiment according to your dress code limits and if you are a smart dresser, you will successfully avoid the “corporate drone” look!


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