In the sale season, your shopping trips are frequent, passionate and always end with a bunch of bags in your hands. The excited running around, the spotting of that perfect pick and the long runs in the trial room call for comfortable & smart clothing, that doesn’t hinder your movements, but helps you run the shopping marathon. Here are a few pointers on how to dress up for some vigorous sale shopping. Get, set, go!




Simple chic is the way to go

When it comes to sale shopping outfits, keep your motto “the simpler, the better”. Too many layers or too fancy a garment can be a hindrance while trying on clothes or while jostling for space near the ‘50% off’ display. An easy-breezy maxi dress or a simple denim & tee outfit can be the best bet for your shopping excursions. Wear such easy outfits, that if required, you can try tops or outerwear on top of your clothes if the trial room queues are too big.

Sling bags are your BFFs

Keep your hands free for rummaging through the store-wide sale offerings and opt for sling bags while going on your shopping trips. Sling bags are practical enough to carry your essentials such as wallet, cards, keys & phone and stylish enough to complement any outfit. Sling one on and you are ready to fight for the best bargains!




Keep your feet happy with comfy shoes

Sale shopping means rushing through the hundreds of square feet of stores, looking for the best deals and waiting in line for hours outside the trial room or billing counter. If you don’t want aching feet or blisters at the end of the day, then it’s best to be smart & flaunt flat footwear. If you are a committed heels person, then ditch your kitten heels & stilettos for platforms or wedges as they are more comfortable for a long day in the mall.

Go minimal with your make-up

Hours spent shopping or running from store to store can make you a hot, sweaty mess, even in winter! If you don’t want to sport smudged kohl or runny mascara at the end of the day, then keep your make-up light & minimal. Sweep on a BB cream for coverage, line your eyes with smudge-proof kohl and dab on some light-hued lip tint. Light make-up not only keeps you fresh all day, but also reduces chances of spoiling clothes during hurried trial sessions.

Finish off with a fuss-free hairdo

Keep your hair out of your eyes as you need to keep those peepers open wide to spot the best bargains! Tie up your hair in a high bun or braid it up to keep it fuss-free and neat. An open hairstyle can make get in your way after a while and your hair will get sweaty & messy by the end of the shopping spree.

Now you are all set to brave the soaring discounts and plunging prices – go and get the best deals and give your wardrobe a facelift with some great sale buys!




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