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Winter is at its peak, and so is the season’s fashion graph, so how your kids could be left far behind. With you slaying the season’s hottest looks, it’s only justified that you let your kids walk in your footsteps. Dress up your pretty princesses and young dudes in the season’s trendiest clothing and witness how the ‘awws’ and ‘how cutes’ come bombarding your way! And with celebrity kids like Taimur Ali Khan setting stylish winter fashion goals, here’s all the inspiration you need to make sure your munchkin makes a statement!

US Polo Association kids vest jacket fashion aw18
U.S. Polo Association reversible sleeveless jacket

Fashion Game Going Strong

Needless to say, celebrities have always had their fashion game on point. But, now, following their footsteps, are their kids. And by kids, we mean tiny, toddler tots. They are going up the fashion scale faster than they are going up the height scale and it’s quite an amazing thing to witness! Obviously, we need to give the credit to their fashionista moms (or maybe stylists). They are doing a pretty good job and you can do so too. Check out the trends sported by celeb-kids all over and let your kids slay the season’s hottest looks, just like little Taimur is doing right here!

United colors of benetton shirt kids fashion aw18
United Colors of Benetton Mandarin collar casual shirt

Recreate it to the T

Recreating celeb styles isn’t that impossible a task, if you know how to go about it. You might have done it for yourself, so why not for your kids. You just need to do your research quite flawlessly. Take all the inspiration you can, and then find out similar pieces – the best place being Lifestyle. Specially with the End of Season Sale going on, it’s a great time to get celeb-inspired pieces at half the price! And with cute Mr. Pataudi here donning such low key yet smart pieces like vest jackets, t-shirts, joggers etc., recreating this look will be totally worth it.

Juniors dark denim kids fashion aw18
Juniors distressed low rise denims

Essential Style Tips

Stars know to do fashion in the most effortlessly casual yet glam way. And that’s exactly what they pass down to their kids. Comfort is the most important thing, and you just can’t go wrong with that. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple, be it any time of the year and celeb kids swear by it. Bright t-shirts, comfy jogger pants, and layering with a jacket are a perfect winter go-to outfit. You could choose a quilted vest jacket like Taimur here, or go for a zip up hoodie, or even a bomber jacket to beat those winter blues.

Fame Forever red shoes kids fashion aw18
Fame Forever red lace slip-on shoes

Get your Hands on It

So, now that you have all the celeb inspo that you need, you can move onto the next step i.e. adding all the things to your cart. If you are wondering that you are yet to find the things, well we have you covered. Lifestyle has it all. And what more, you can get it on sale as Lifestyle is having its 50% offers of the season. Pick a sleeveless vest jacket like Taimur’s , pair it with a light blue shirt, dark blue denims and a pair of cute red shoes! Stock up on the winter essentials for your kid and update their wardrobes matching those of the celeb kids at pocket-friendly prices from the Lifestyle Sale.

It’s that easy to bring a celeb kid’s style home. Just do your research well, stock up on similar elements, add your unique touch to it and voila, your kid can be the style inspiration for every mother and kid out there!

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