The best escape from the winter chill is to run away to a tropical island to soak up the sun, prance around in a flowy dress, and rock a glam tan.

*Ah! So dreamy*

Almost makes us want to book a ticket to the beach right this moment. Alas! Who will foot the shopping bills if the boss gets a whiff of these glorious plans?

So while in reality we can’t run away to the beach all winter long, one can still get a taste of the beach huddled up in many a cosy layer, sipping on some hot chocolate for comfort.

You’re probably itching to know how, right?

Well it’s simple. With a few make-up hacks you will be back to looking warm and toasty, reminiscing about the golden sun no longer.

1. Contour

The wonders of contouring sounds intimidating but are actually easier than you’d think.

All you need is a contouring brush, better get your hands on one NOW, and a bronzer with not too much shimmer, so it has more of a matte effect. And you don’t end up looking like sparkles the unicorn.

Cheeks: The trick is to blend the bronzer along the hollows of your cheekbones, until there are no more bronzer lines, and your cheeks begin to have a touch of warmth.

Temples: Once you’re done brushing-in the bronzer on your cheeks, sweep the bronzer up from your cheeks to your forehead. Blend in a little towards your hairline.

Nose: Before you put down your contouring brush, dab whatever bronzer is left, on to your nose.

By the end of this you’re going to begin to look and feel sun-kissed. But you aren’t done yet.

2. Blush

To complement the bronzer, opt for a more coral blush. This tone will work for all skin tones, as long as your bronzer shade is right. Apart from complementing the bronzer, this colour will also give your face a warm glow, and create an illusion of resonating heat. Your friends will definitely be left guessing at how you’re turning up the heat.

3. Lipstick

When selecting a lipstick to sport in the winter, go for a colour which has a more light hue to it. Anything too dark on the lips and you might run the risk of exaggerating how pale and dry the winter makes you. And if you’re looking to complement the bronzer and blush then go for light pink and orange hues. Get ready for some random excuses from your significant other to lay a few quick pecks on you. (hehe)

4. Eyeshadow

Try eye make-up in electric colours for the winters. Go ahead by all means, be your kooky self. Your eyes are the icing on the cake of your fake bronze routine, so pick up an eye-shadow with shimmer in a stand-out shade. Top this off with a stroke of eyeliner and mascara. Alternatively skip the eyeshadow and just go bright with the eyeliner.

Get ready to melt some hearts.

Cheesy? Yes, but it works!

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