Hunting for the job of your dreams? If yes, then chances are that you’re already conversant with LinkedIn, which is a great place to connect with prospective employers. While having a stellar updated resume goes miles in your job search, your profile picture is the first step in building that fab LinkedIn profile.

As the first point of contact is your profile picture, it is your best chance to make a good impression in just a few seconds. We look at a few must-haves that will help you in getting that ultimate LinkedIn profile picture.

  1. Choose the right pic

The first step is to choose a photo which has been taken recently and one that actually resembles your daily look. The worst case scenario is if you meet a prospective employer only to have them stare at you in bewilderment to check if they are interviewing the same candidate as on LinkedIn. Make sure your photo is not one from school and nor is it photoshopped to an extent of creating a new you. This will go a long way in establishing your credibility as a candidate.

2. Choose your attire with care

What you wear in the photo does matter. The aim is to look as professional as your job requires you to be. If you’re considering startups it would be best to keep it semi formal while some other professions would require you to be turned out in your formal best. Also, choose the colours and prints you wear carefully.

3. Wear the right expression

With your attire in place, wear your most confident and approachable expression and you are ready to take on the world of LindedIn. Make sure you smile for the photo but don’t overdo it with a big goofy one. Also, no weird expressions like a pout or a smoldering look please.

4.The composition of the photo is as important

Ensure that you are the focus of the photo. A good profile photo requires your face to fill up at least 60 percent of it so close-ups work the best. Try to ensure your background in neutral and not some exotic locale or the pub next door.

5.Beware of Selfies

We know that selfies are all the rage but they aren’t the most professional and also affect the quality of the pic. Even if you must take a selfie take proper care to ensure that the photo matches the above requirements.

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