Holi colours festival

Spring is here!! And we, Indians, welcome spring with the beautiful festival of colours – Holi. Spring is all about having fun and what’s more fun than playing with colours, right? It’s time to get ready for spring’s brightest festival and welcome your favourite season with happy fervour! But, there are a few things to keep in mind before you gear up to play Holi with your family & friends.

Better safe than sorry

The smartest way to prepare for this festival is to take necessary precautions from before so that the wild play of colours can’t make your life miserable afterwards. Apply oil on your skin and hair before stepping out of the house so that the colours can be washed off easily later. Coat your lips in a protective layer of lip balm before swiping on a bright lip color. Stay hydrated and don’t drink bhang on an empty stomach. You don’t want to fall sick in the middle of celebrations, right?

Go natural

With “eco-friendly” being the way to go in every aspect of our lives, why should festivals be left behind? This year, opt for organic & natural colours that are not only good for the environment, but will not damage your skin or hair too. Natural colours are available in both powder & liquid form and come in various vibrant hues made with natural extracts and ingredients. These colours are mild & easily cleanable too!

Get out your whites

The ubiquitous Holi outfit is made of all things white! An all-white look is the perfect canvas for all the bright colours that you are going to be covered in on Holi. But you might not want to get any new white clothes damaged by colors. In that case, bring out your old whites and get ready to face the riot of colours in style! Don’t forget to add some pops of colour in the form of accessories such as colourful jewellery or vibrant footwear.

Live & let live!

Holi is surely a festival of joy & cheer, but not everyone finds equal excitement in playing with colors or being wild in their way of celebration. So, it’s advisable to understand whether someone wants to take part in Holi celebrations or not, before pulling them out of their houses. Don’t force your friends of family members to get drenched in colours, if they don’t want to participate. Remember, a small smear of dry colour on someone’s face can also brighten up their festival as you all welcome spring with joy!

Gather around those organic colours, call over your friends, eat, drink, be merry and welcome the season of spring in vibrant cheer & joy!



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